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Thread: I am gaining weight ...

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    Exclamation I am gaining weight ...

    Hello, I believe I started my primal journey Late January. I have been perfectly primal since. I come from a binging past. I am a compulsive eater, and emotional eater. Today I stopped myself from binging.
    Anyways ....
    Going on two weeks ago, I binged twice on treacherous food, trust me ... you do not want to know what I ate. And then my period started. Before the great binge I was 130 ... feeling positive about my weight loss. Excited and wonderful! As I binged, and the days passed, 133, 134, 136. I am 136??? No, its not muscle. Trust me, I see myself naked.
    I feel like I am failing.

    I fast for 24 hours Saturdays. Then again the next Sunday. I Sprint on Mondays, and Wednesdays I do LHT training. PBF!
    I walk everyday. Or at least try to slow and steady movement! right? So then Friday Or Saturday, I'll do LHT again. Depending on what my dear body tells me to do. So that's my fitness. I have been doing PBF going on two weeks now.

    Typically, I eat when hungry. Breakfast 1-3 egg omelet, with veggies and left over meat if I have it. I don't always eat lunch because I'm not always hungry. If I do it tends to be a large salad. Dinner I have some meat cooked in the healthy fats.

    My calories range from 1,200- to 1,700 day to day. My carbs never above 60. Fat usually 72-100 Protein 70-100.

    I have stuck to this minus my binges. I love being primal, I feel good. But not so good looking in the mirror. OR that darned scale.

    I am 5'4-5'5
    I am 136 (apparently)
    My BF is unknown, but looking at the skinny fat I do know ... its really high ... I can grab onto .... a lot. I have a nice abdomen. And a little pooch by my belly button. My thighs ... are fat. My rear is saggy fat. My arms too. I am getting so discouraged when summer is creeping up in 12 weeks or so. I feel really terrible about my weight. And how I look. I don't know what I am doing wrong.
    Please help.
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