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Thread: In a slump

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    In a slump

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    Hey everyone... I don't have a scale but I have been feeling lately that my weight has been gradually creeping back and I'm getting depressed. I think it's a combination of cheating a little too much and working out too hard to make up for it. Does anyone have a similar problem? Frequent intense workouts are a bad thing right?

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    Tracking what you are eating? What is your calorie intake? How much cheating?

    Maybe it's time you went back to primal/paleo basics, it obviously worked for you.
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    For me personally - to emphasize...for ME, based on my experience - I find it works best to focus on either strengthening or weight loss. I'm just not organized enough to handle both at once.

    So in weight loss phase, it's just one free weights excursion a week, with daily walking and pushups in the evening before going to bed. When weight/appearance goal is reached, then up the intake and crank up the weight training intensity.

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    1. Get your Vit D levels checked.
    2. Get an exercise plan, with plenty of rest days. Stick to it. I like Mark's plan, but you don't have to. Find something that works for you, that seems like it is less than you should be doing. Stick to it.
    3. Up your Omega-3 intake.

    *1 and 3 can both be related to depression, from what I understand.

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    What exercise are you doing?

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