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Thread: Any mushroom hunters out there?

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    Hiked same trail again and found one of the few arguable chanterelle "look-alikes"...the jack-o-lantern (glows in the dark, and is poisonous):

    Pretty easy to tell apart from a chanterelle, actually...

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    Beautiful photo! You can see a little blue on the stalk. I would love to see it glow in the dark.

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    For All mushroom lovers, I came across an interesting site for all supplies and tools to grow mushrooms. Check it out !!!

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    The whole Clan Crabbcakes went on a mushroom hike with a local mushroom guru, sponsored by a county parks dept. We (the group as a whole) found a HUGE hen of the woods.

    I love 'shrooms. I should learn more, considering I have my own woods - scared of poisonous toadstools, here, too.
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    Yummy boletus. August and September after a rainy summer leads to many East European people rummaging through the forests here looking for yummy things. And as long as you don't mind extra protein, you can even ignore the holes in the leg of the ones that the worms got to first.
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