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View Poll Results: What is your resting heart rate?

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Thread: What is your resting heart rate?

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    What is your resting heart rate?

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    Just curious where most people are.

    The best way to measure your resting heart rate is the morning after a rest day, before you have breakfast. Sit or lay down, relax for a few minutes, then count your heart beats for a full minute. Some people think 15s is enough but I don't agree, as being off by 1 beat is an error of 4 beats per minute. Go the full minute, or more if you want to be really accurate.

    Going PB lowered my resting HR by 10bpm, and low carb appears to have shaved another 3-4bpm off that.
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    Oct 2011
    Edmonton Canada
    High 50s to low 60s depending on my state of mind.
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    Wow that's much more even than I thought. Looks like we're all over the place.

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    Mar 2011
    Just came in from a walk half an hour ago, and mine was 62. I think true resting is probably under 60.

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    Feb 2011
    Durham, United Kingdom
    52 here sitting at my desk at work.

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    Nov 2011
    Northern Ireland
    Sat at my work station it varied between 53 and 57bpm.
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    Oct 2011
    65 after sitting at my desk all day
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    Those who measured their HR while sitting, try it laying down, especially after a rest day. You may be surprised just how low it goes.

    I'm sitting at my desk and eating my dinner, and my HR is 54 bpm. However, I've measured it as low as 40 bpm when I first wake up.

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    I tried it lying down just a few nights ago (though it wasn't a rest day). I'm no athlete, only been on Primal 3 weeks and it registered as 45-48 bpm. I don't know how low bpm is really supposed to be a sign of health though? Isn't it a faster change in heart rate after exertion that's supposed to be good?

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    Nov 2011
    sunshine state
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    My resting heart rate is usually high 50s/low 60s. However, after fasting for 48 hours, it dropped into the 40s. Got kinda worried about this because it seemed way too low, but it seems some folks are this low normally. Maybe it's not such a problem?

    Blood pressure is now usually around 95/60. Used to be more like 110/70 when eating grains.

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