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    UK (via Ireland) Newbie!

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    Hello everyone,

    I'm an Irish girl living in the UK. I'm 31 years old. Just turned primal over a week ago. My PB book was delivered yesterday so I'm looking forward to having a good read. I haven't given up everything yet (beans - but only had them once) but I've cut out the worst i.e sugar and grains. I haven't found it hard so far even though I am usually a sugar fiend Temptation has been put in my way a lot over the past week (cakes, creme eggs, pizza) but I wasn't really bothered. I used Lent as my excuse!! My OH is a carb fan and he thinks that this is just a fad so I'm hoping that when he sees me changing that he'll get on board!

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    Welcome. Beans are fine if you soak them the traditional way. I eat a lot of them. That isn't official primal of course. But it works fine for me.
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    Welcome! Looking forward to hearing all about your progress : )
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    Greetings Irish, nice to see another of us here.
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    Hey Crabapple.. nice to Irish wife's family is Irish and still have have family and tiesl in Ireland...would love to visit those folks one of these days...Like you kinda new but my Primal experience to date has been awesome. Keep it up. Would love to follow your progress.

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