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Thread: Weak as a Sparrow

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    Weak as a Sparrow

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    So how pathetic am I? I struggle to do the most basic moves (Push up, plank etc) and feel weak and ready to sleep after the smallest amount of activity. I feel it mostly in my legs and often wake up hungry and without any energy. Anyone else? And, how to get through this - where to start with the exercises? Read the books, eat Primal'ish, 6'1" 180 lbs. Sedentary life for many years.

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    The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single steak.

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    It looks to me that you are severely out of shape. When that is the case, exercise is very hard and not enjoyable. Even a little will leave you gassed and it's not a good kind of tired. You really need to pull it together and start off small and build up. Do the basic movements one day, then take a walk the next day. Do something different the next day, but do something, move. You need to allow your body to get used to exertion. Its a must!! Being that out of shape puts you at risk for all kinds of diseases and sudden death. The good news is that it WILL get better and easier!! Once the body gets accustomed to exertion, it won't feel so damned draining and miserable. It shouldn't take long either if you are consistent. Don't overdo it!! You need time to recover and adapt. As you get stronger and start to enjoy how it makes you feel, you'll be able to up the intensity of effort. The work will NOT be easy but it will be light years better and more fun than it seems now. A man should be able to do at least 25 good push-ups. A woman, 10. Anything less than that indicates very poor conditioning. Don't get discouraged though!! New trainees make huge gains fast!! You just need to put in the work. Its so worth it and you can't afford not to do it!!!

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    Start off walking - get yourself some fresh air and use the time to get your head in the right place. Don't sweat the details, just get moving.

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    And start eating nutrient laden foods. If you are calorie restricting, ease up a bit. 6'1/180lbs isn't fat, so I'll bet a little more food won't be a bad thing. Eat lots of salad with your meat!

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    As they mentioned above, start moving yourself. You don't have to start with push-ups planks etc. If you're in a gym you could do some light weight training. And if you're not, you could find some easier variations for push-ups, pull-ups etc. Just start real slow, and you'll do good. It's better to start slow and make progress, than deciding that it's too slow and not making any progress whatsoever.

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    Small steps at a time. Your body is going through changes and it doesn't like it. Just keep at it and focus on one day at a time. Get through that day, then tackle the next. Eventually your body will begin to balance itself out.

    Start with basic bodyweight exercises and walk/jog. Do simple push/pull/squats. Any Push exercise (ex. pushup), Any Pull exercise (ex, pullup), Squat.

    Read books. Primal Blueprint, You Are Your Own Gym, Convict Conditioning. These should get you to new ideas.

    Important part, keep showing up to do something everyday.

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    Maybe find a buddy to work out with? It's always easier (and more fun) when you have someone to encourage you and keep you honest. I found that working out with someone stronger or faster than me always kept me motivated to catch up. That competitiveness is healthy. Good luck. You're body wants to be healthy and strong...just need to allow it.

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