Hi I'm Candy and this is my journal into the wonderful world of primal/paleo.

I'm born and raised in Belgium, but have Italian nationality. So I grew up in the country of French fries and waffles in a spaghetti-loving family .
I've been chubby ever since I was a child (I have pictures to prove it) and went on my first diet together with my mom when I was 14 (not that I was that fat, I was just a little overweight). I feel that's when the trouble started. Yes, you guessed it, a low-fat, high-carb diet off course. When I was 16 I weighed about 141 lb (64 kg). I got married and moved to Italy when I was 20 and that's were I started gaining weight until I reached 172 lb (78 kg). I went on a "calory counting" diet and didn't have more than 1500 calories for a year. I lost 28.5 lb (13 kg) and got pregnant. I managed to maintain my weight to 143 lb (65 kg) after giving birth, but when I got divorced my weight went up again and I got over 175 lb.
My weight went up and down again the next few years (fell in love, lost weight, got pregnant, lost pregnancy weight easily but then gained again before getting pregnant a 3rd time). Ever since my last pregnancy I had a really hard time getting my weight down, every "diet" I lost around 15 to 20 lb, but no matter how hard I tried I wouldn't lose any more. But after every diet my weight just went higher and higher. And I have tried every diet out there: Weight watchers, calory counting, Atkins, South Beach, Dukan (the last 3 being low-carb diets), but none really did the trick for me.
And also since my last pregnancy (my youngest son is 9 now) I started having serious pain problems. I was never really diagnosed, but the rheumatologist suspected fibromyalgia. She told me to "learn to live with it" and we tried out several kinds of medication. Redomex just made me EAT EAT EAT and made me really dizzy; cymbalta just made me numb (and lose whatever I had left of sexual drive to the extend even of no longer being able to get an orgasm) but finally gabapentin seemed to give some relieve.
So there I was last year January, and I decided to give up on diets. I weighed 215 lb (97,5 kg) and thought "this is it, I'll just have to learn to love myself the way I look. And I avoided looking in the mirror. My cousin had died the year before and it had been a real shock to me and I had seen a dietitian for 6 months just to lose 15 lb and not getting any more off although I followed the low-fat high-full grain diet she told me to.
Then my heart really scared me a few times and although my doctor reassured me it was nothing to worry about, I saw it as a sign. I really want to grow old, see my children as adults, even see my grandchildren and be able to play with them! And right then my mom gave me a leaflet of this protein diet and I decided to go for a final attempt at losing weight. It was a low carb/low fat diet using protein shakes, eating fish, (low fat) meat, some eggs and veggies (no starchy veggies).
I started June 2011 and fat just seemed to melt off, I have lost 59.5 lb (29 kg) since then. But as my goal weight got in sight I started to think about: so what now, what after this? I knew I couldn't go back to my old eating habits if I want to keep the weight off.

A few weeks ago I found out about paleo and wow, this made so much sense! I just jumped from blog to information site, to another blog, to more information and just soaked it in. And I knew: this is the answer, this is what I have to do. I talked about it with my dietitian and she's convinced now too.
I'm no longer having protein shakes, but only 'real food'. I think I'm about 100% primal in my food now, I'm running 3 times a week and will start cross-fit soon. I sleep so much better since I lost weight, I try to go out as much as possible, I play with my kids and man, I FEEL GOOD!

I'm already noticing major changes: my skin is really soft (my hands used to be like sandpaper!) and I don't have more energy, no, I'm bursting with energy! Sometimes I just have to get away from my desk and jump or dance!
My kids are so excited to have an energetic mom instead of the pathetic, tired, sick person I used to be.

I will start my journal here now. My goals? Maybe lose another 5 kg (11 lb), but not necessarily. Mainly I want to be able to stop taking my pain medication (I've already cut down my daily dose with 1/3rd) and I want to be leaner (so get muscles!)