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Thread: Newbie Question on PBF page

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    Newbie Question on PBF

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    I haven't started the basic PBF workout yet. Was looking at progressions. My question is in regard to push-ups/pull-ups. I am able to do full push-ups (and pull-ups), however, when I look at the target for females, of 2-3 sets of maximum rep with the aim of achieving 2-3 sets of 20 reps(5 for pullups which I can do on the first set), I am not at this point able to complete 2-3 sets. I could complete 1 x 20 reps, but then not on the remaining sets, therefore, in order to progress and get stronger, would I say on the 2nd set, if I only complete say 8-10, do I go to 20 making up the remaining reps with say push-ups on a bench which is the next progression down? I obviously don't want to go back to just bench push-ups when I can do full ones, but I just can't complete 2-3 sets of 20. Same goes for pull-ups.

    Thanks...hope I haven't been too confusing.

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    Stay where you are at until you can meet the standard for the full amount of sets and repetitions.

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