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Thread: How Primal friendly is Vega page

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    I was thinking of trying Vega Whole Food Health Optimizer by Sequel and was wondering how Primal/Paleo friendly it is.

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    Wow, no opinions?

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    Depends on what is in the item you are wanting.

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    No input other than I have a hard time getting excited about supplements. Especially since getting educated and eating very clean/strict Primal/Paleo.

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    I don't see anything terrible, but much of the fat in it is likely to be rancid unless it was refrigerated when stored, and the omega-3s it contains aren't going to be very helpful. The protein isn't going to be spectacularly bio-available either. It's not going to be terrible for you, or anything. Marketing notwithstanding, though, it's a collection of several processed foods (protein isolates, mineral and vitamin isolates) and that's not terribly impressive either.

    You'd be better off with a quality cold-filtered whey protein and a couple spoonfuls of coconut oil and it would cost one-tenth as much.

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