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Thread: Those with sensitive skin, what body wash to do you use (UK ideally)?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hardwarehank View Post
    If you have sensitive skin, why not try going soapless for awhile? Plenty of people on these boards and elsewhere who are paleo/primal have had great success with it.
    I agree that this is definitely worth a shot. I just wash the essential areas (privates, underarms, feet since I wear conventional socks and shoes) and scrub the rest to exfoliate. I use a crystal stone for deodorant and it works very well to keep the smelly bacteria at bay. I am also experimenting with using baking soda & water to wash my hair, with a white vinegar & water rinse to condition.
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    A dermatologist advised me to go soapless, and I have been for years. Like other commenters, it's only armpits, feet, and privates that I use soap on. Once a week, or if I've been doing something grimey, I soap all over. And dry brushing pre-cleans skin before you even get in the shower.
    Dr. Bronner's peppermint soap is the shizz!
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    we always use bronners soap. peppermint in the soap dispensers in the kitchen and bathroom. and the unscented bars in the shower

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    Alright thanks guys. I'll try this Dr Bronners, since natural fragrances still irritate my skin and I can order this fragrance less soap online. I'll also restrict washing to the essential areas only.

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    careful, Dr. bronner's can burn sensitive areas due to the peppermint oil. there's an unscented "baby" variety which doesn't burn as much, but just watch the especially sensitive parts. another soapless vote here, except for pits.

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    I use Method olive leaf bar soap. It was discontinued years ago, but I managed to find 6 bars of it a couple months back in a TJ Maxx.

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    I have very sensitive skin andI rarely use soap on my body... a little shampoo run off gets swiped under arms and in crevasses.

    IN summer I use the Dr.Bronners Peppermint just to cool off. It's very nice.
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