Hey Sarah

Welcome back. You were definitely missed. Pretty quiet around here. I smashed up my new Kia Soul a couple of weeks ago. First accident in 45 years. Very stupid on my part. $15,000 in damages. My insurance company is fixing it, and I'm in a rental car for another week. My chiropractor and massage therapist are keeping busy trying to smooth out my bumps. I cut way back on my workouts because I was just too sore. But I will be getting back to it in July. My daughter has signed me up for another course at the fitness center (two hours an evening, twice a weel. I also have my own trainer coming at 6AM every Friday to my house to do a workout with me. She then gives me "homework" for the week, and off she goes leaving me panting on my porch.

I've been circling MDA for some time, but I have been hesitant to land, knowing what I would have to give up (donuts, wine, bread, and pizza, etc). But paleo/primal makes so much sense. But stress is sucking the life out of me, and I find it really hard to commit to the effort that I know I would need. So, to put it crudely, I have to crap or get off of the pot.

Again, welcome back