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Thread: Ealachan Resets Her Leptin And Talks Too Much

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    I'm half assed doing a leptin reset starting today, full blown on Monday. Started the day with a protein breakfast and some coconut milk. Lunch was "rabbit food" as Dr. Kruse would call it - half a green pepper and some coconut milk. idk what dinner will be.

    Your posts crack me up and I'm looking forward to following your continued progress. Great job thus far!

    I don't know if I'll do the CT... is it really required? What is the purpose?
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    Hi there - I've actually moved my ranting over to Dr. Kruse's forums on his website. Plenty of shennanigans over there, if you want to come check it out.

    And while CT isn't really "required" per se, it will make a big difference to your health in the long run. There's a whole series of blogs about it that Dr. Kruse outlines the science in. It's some fairly heavy reading, but the info is all there.

    Plus? Honestly? I have to admit that I get kind of a sick, twisted pleasure out of sinking down into a tub of cold water and making up creative ways to curse Dr. K....but I'm kind of a sick puppy like that, so your milage may vary.
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    Just popping in to say hello from brandon, Vt

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