Anyone else get this? It feels like hypoglycemia, like shaky and whacked out feeling you get when you haven't eaten. But my blood sugar is normal. How to calm it down? Its a huge struggle to not eat when I feel this way. It feels like eating would help, especially loads of carbs. (carbs do help, but then I want to sleep, and also I'm trying to lose weight, so I do under 50 carbs)
I get this very often, and I'm not sure what to do.

I get an adrenaline surge with my first sip of coffee, which is great for waking up in the mornings, but I can only have about half a cup and that's it for the day or I get totally whacked out. Even decaf and green tea does it to me!

My feeling is that I have over active adrenals, maybe? How do I support them or calm them?

I also noticed that my body composition is changing and I'm putting weight on my tummy while taking it off other areas. It's like my body is stressed out.

Anyone else have something similar?