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Thread: Barefoot running shoes! Which one fits my narrow foot?

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    How "barefoot" do you want to go? Steven Sachen's Invisible Shoes are superb - a shaped sole and nothing else.

    My only experience of minimalist shoes is VFFs - Treksports, which I love. I can move my toes quite happily, not thinking about how constrained they are.

    EDIT: Oh, hang on ... that must be Steven just above my reply Hey, Steven! I didn't know you posted here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sashen View Post
    I know you want a "normal looking" shoe, but given the conditions you're describing, I'd encourage you to check out Huaraches Barefoot Running Sandals of the Tarahumara Indians | And I'd say this even if it weren't my company... because the reason I started my company was that I was looking for something I couldn't find in a "normal looking" minimalist shoe, namely, something that fit and felt truly barefoot.

    I have decided to use Merrell Trail Glove as my first "barefoot" shoe, even if it doesn't have the complete barefoot feeling. Acctually, I have thought about definitively getting those Huaraches, but when it's warmer outside. I live in Sweden and is used to winter most time of year..

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