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Thread: I was used for my diet - a rant

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    I was used for my diet - a rant

    Sorry, but I'm going to rant a bit. I give you far warning.

    So a few months ago I met this guy. He seemed pretty cool and we started dating. I told him about the primal life style. He has heard about it before, but didn't really know what it was. Anyways, I educated him. Had him read a few books. Cooked for him. Let him borrow my cook book. Etc. I got him lifting heavy things, walking more, got him to join martial arts.

    When I met him he wasn't fat, but he wasn't skinny either. Since getting him into the primal life style he has lost about 10lb of fat and gained probably the same in muscle. He now has a six pack and great defined muscles. However, the past month has been very hard on me. I started working a night job (which I had to quit because I found out I was allergic to it), I had a very bad cold (that the boy gave to me). It was the first time I was actually sick sick in a year. My dad was hospitalized etc. basically everything that could go wrong did go wrong. LOTS OF STRESS!! Caused me to gain 5lbs.

    The other day I asked the boy way he hasn't been as physical with me as we were in the past. He informed me that due to my weight gain of 5lbs (I know have a little tummy, but still a size 4), he doesn't find me as attractive anymore! Yes, he in fact did say this to me. To my face. Can you be used for your style of living?
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