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Thread: Monday Is The Day!/ NoSaladWithoutMeat

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    Oh, Meaty, you better keep trying your luck with Beefy!

    As hot as this was (and you are 100% right here!):
    Quote Originally Posted by NoSaladWithoutMeat View Post
    But seriously, I feel men are more visual and it's more about body language and willingness to learn.
    Like if a pretty, nude girl gets down on her knees and looks at you with big blue eyes, licking it like it's the tastiest lollipop, can it really be that bad? :]
    It's attitude not latitude (makes no sense, I know).
    You're a sexy, flirtatious vixen. I'm a quiet, reserved little boy at heart. We're two completely different people! It's fated that we weren't meant to be! *sigh*

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    Quote Originally Posted by Funkadelic Flash View Post

    You're a sexy, flirtatious vixen. I'm a quiet, reserved little boy at heart. We're two completely different people! It's fated that we weren't meant to be! *sigh*

    If Beef and I were to get together, things would start combusting and catching fire! The apocalypse! The world can't withstand that much raw sexual power!

    But yes, it seems my dominating personality is an acquired taste in these parts
    So much that all the nice boys run for cover! *tear*

    I'll have to resort to chronic masturbation. With PB I'm safe against arthritis, right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beef Cake View Post
    If I sense the woman is ovulating
    It's all about ovulation and yes....some men (and women) can tell when another woman is in a fertile phase of her cycle - especially when they know what to look for. Very often though, it's a "blink" thing - rapid know, but you don't know how you's just there. It's just different. "Wow, you look great! Did you get hair cut? Do something different? That color looks great on you! blah blah blah blah blah blah...."

    That's usually ovulation talking. Unless it really is the haircut or whatever.

    Somethings that may not be noticeable to the naked eye but when viewed as part of the whole, it'll be clear that something is up:
    lips are more pigmented
    skin might be slightly dewey (increased oil production)
    seem more confident, more friendly, body language more forward
    noticeable differences in body odors (sweat is one I know had been studied) in research labs, men prefer those of ovulating women even when they can't see the women

    then there are the upclose and personal signs
    cervical changes - SHOW: soft, high, open, wet (lots of slippery eggwhite cervical fluid....even when not aroused)
    When not 'ovulation' (ie not around prior to ovulation) cervix feels harder (like the tip of a nose), is lower in the vagina, the os (pronounced ohs as in toes) is closed, dramatically less cervical fluid

    A good friend is a on faculty at harvard. I couldn't find any of her exact research in this area, but this is what she hormones and female fertility and male sex hormones as well.

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    We were so beautiful. I wore a red, feminine strapless silk dress. It was flowy and half open at the bottom, decorated with petal like fringes.
    Vy wore this beatiful, tight flattering, classic grey dress with a waist belt.
    I decided to not do the "whore makeup" and go with a natural look, just a bit of eyeliner.
    We were so beautiful in our high-heels, dresses and shawls! It felt good to be this dressed up even though we could barely walk without woblling like druken ducks.

    Going to the clubs really makes you think: "Oh, so THIS is why I never go clubbing".

    We felt great, confident and beautiful. But no guys had the courage to approach us.
    You really can't win this game can you? You can either be plain and unsexy or you can be too beautiful and unapproachable.
    I could see the guys who were looking at us and weighing the options, then they'd end up coming up to butterface girls who had their boobs hanging out.
    I was genuinely surprised by how many unattractive women were at that club, making out with strange men or grinding up against them in a way that goes beyond sexy and turns into repulsive.
    Like Vy mentioned, when the lights would go on and you'd see those girls' faces you couldn't help but cringe!
    The club was flooded with those super buff, creepy guys who'd scour for easy prey; butterface girls; shy guys who didn't dance but awkwardly watched everyone and... well, us!
    The employees were rude.
    It was hot.
    And some ugly bitch ripped my nylons with her heel *sends bad karma*

    But I'm glad me and Vy went out. That's the real difference between going out with my old "girlfriends" and someone I actually value, respect and love. I genuinely had fun, felt good about myself, danced my legs off and didn't even feel threatened, repulsed or insecure about myself.
    I've realised that I've outgrown the club scene at the ripe age of 21.
    I've outgrown being insecure and feeling like I should let myself be grinded and groped to feel beautiful.
    It no longer matters.
    As a matter of fact, dancing should be limited to just that. Dancing with your friends, without losing every bit of personal dignity.

    Oh, the best part was of course was when we went to Dundee's and had a 16oz Ribeye. Yeah, baby. 16oz. The French Canadians know hot to live it up!
    The waiter was disgustingly cute, as should all waiters. There's something about having an attractive man, wearing a uniform, willing to satisfy your every culinary need that makes the experience of having a 16oz steak all the more enjoyable.
    Then it started raining and even though our club was right next to the restaurant we knew that stepping outside would make our 200$ dollar outfits look like 3$ rags :]

    We finally got home, and talked for most of the night and it was this beautiful feeling to have this person you've just met who understands exactly how you feel, who listens, who gives you great new insights. I've missed having that and that's something a guy friend could never provide!
    I love Vy <3
    And she's worth every chocolate bar/ creamed potato/ crepe I've had for the past weeks.
    Even if I've gained 10 pounds in the past week it was all worth it.

    If I gained 20, on the other hand, Vy has got to go

    I feel like singing that Smashing Pumpkins song, today is the greatest day I've ever known...
    We went to Julliete et Chocolat, which, as the name implies, is female heaven down to homemade whipped cream, full-fat hot chocolate and cute French boys in berets and tight pants.
    As you can imagine the chicks flocked to that chocolate heaven, even when we were leaving women were lining up with their bfs or gfs to get in.
    We've had so much chocolate that talking about it on the PB forum can get us expelled ;P

    We've ordered a Sundae: banana, strawberry with homemade vanilla icecream and real whipped cream. The chocolate syrup on top and the fresh brownie added even more yumminess and texture. You just can't compare the chocolate at Juliette's to the shit you'd buy packaged. I mean, Lindtt who?
    We've shared the sundae and got a Parline Dark chocolate crepe. Then bittersweet/ extra bitter fondue with fruits and washed it all down with the most amazing hot chocolate in the world!
    The hot chocolate was so thick and creamy that it turned into pudding when it got cold. After drinking Juliet's hot chocolate even the best hot chocolate will feel watered down and gross.

    I know, what you guys are thinking. You might as well have injected yourself with insulin, why are you still alive? :P
    Yes, we got really light headed for a while and genuinely happy! Then 5 minutes later, we could barely focus on simple tastks like paying the bill, or communicating. I was falling asleep at the table :]
    Funny how unused we are to these sugar crashes, after PB.

    I was walking home in the rain, completely neglecting the umbrella I packed up in the purse. And it felt like such a blissful day.
    Walking down the street in this crisp yet sunny weather under the light, refreshing rain and listening to one of the most beautiful and versatile voices in the world... Aah! What can be simpler than that? How can happiness feel so elusive on a daily basis when such simple things can make you feel complete?
    It's probably why music means so much to me, and probably some of you, because it takes my mind from the dramatic, stressful contemplation that I occupy myself with. When I let myself be engrossed in this powerful catharsis, nothing else matters; other people seem so futile, their opinions which concern me most of the time- dissipate, and I'm left with the thing that I yearn to achieve but feel is out of reach - perfection.
    Perfection provides bliss. And this completes me.

    I hate it when people say things like "there's no such thing as perfection". Maybe because their idea of perfection is so rigid that they can't understand that someone's imperfections can create perfection. Maybe they don't know where to look?

    I've convinced Vy to try steak tartare :P
    She's a raw meat virgin, but I'll be gentle... :]
    Then there's a house party we're going to and I hope we meet some interesting people. Even if we don't, I'd go home, for once, not feeling that lonliness and helplessness. I'll feel complete.


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    What a beautiful story, Meatie--- thanks for sharing your joy with us

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    Wonderful post Meatzy. I've decided that in spite of feeling a little guilty for neglecting the other journals, yours will be my last read for the night. You've got me in such a blissful, content, happy state of mind. My day was much like yours- simply blissful... but without all the wonderful chocolate. Should I make it up there, you MUST take me so I can attempt suicide by chocolate.

    I'm really glad you're having a wonderful time with Vy. There's nothing like that kind of friendship. Thank you so much for sharing with us. Especially this bit...

    There's something about having an attractive man, wearing a uniform, willing to satisfy your every culinary need
    Yes ma'am, I know what I'll be dreaming of tonight.

    Nighty night girls. See you tomorrow. <3

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    Bizzaro Day Numero 18:

    As you all know I've been inhaling food as far as the eye can see, forsaking everything that's Primal and holy.
    It all started with Auntie Flo showing up unannounced, armed with weapons of mass destruction, and me trying to dull the pain with Ferrero Rocher and make-up for the blood loss with milk. All smart ideas, I'm sure.
    Along came Vy, like the letter, and all hell broke loose. You know the story and its tragic ending.
    So far I've had:
    -> copious amounts of CW chocolate
    -> milk
    -> cheese
    -> poutine
    -> mashed potatoes
    -> fries
    -> hot, milky, thick chocolate
    -> crepe
    -> sundae
    -> fruit and chocolate fondue (all four in one sitting, for breakfast)
    -> battered zucchini chips
    -> tempura
    -> white rice
    -> insurmountable amounts of bread
    -> raw beef
    -> a 12 oz. ribeye
    ... Oh wait, those last two are PB... :3
    -> and others that I have suppressed so deep that I can't recall at all.

    This week, after our latest sugar crash, me and Vy have decided to be good little angels except for the weekends, cause that's how we roll (literally, how we roll... we can no longer walk). I asked her if I should weigh myself and she said that it would knock me into chronic depression and deter me form starting PB again.
    She's right, I thought to myself as I stepped on the scale.

    I've always had a set point weight, as all of you who're reading this. Even when I did manage to lose 5-10 pounds on the fad-diet of the month, two days of eating "normal" (not even binging!) would take me back to that dreadful number and then some!
    So after a week, of all out binging, I prepared myself emotionally and physically to be that set weight again (knowing that before Vy's arrival I've gone down 5 pounds). I expected to gain at least 10, because that's how sensitive I am to gluten.

    Did I gain weight?


    A whole whopping 0.6 pounds...!

    Basically I am the same happy weight, 5 pounds less of when I started flirting with PB... Fellas, I think I've got a new set point weight! :B
    This might be atributted to the fact that I've been moving around a lot more than usual (mostly walking and getting lost all over the city). But that has never happened before.
    I think PB, somewhat miraculously, has managed to restore my metabolism to that of a 20 year old and not of a diabetic, 70 year old woman.

    Oh, in other news... I HAS A BICEPS! :B
    No idea where it came from, but I always wanted one! And one day I was gossiping with Vy, eating fatty smoked meat and BAM, there it was, my own, original, BICEP!
    Vy's theory is that we've been having a lot of meat lately (I used to only have bacon and fish) and that I'll get even more muscular once I start exercising. But I'm going with the more obvious explanation: we've been eating out at these fancy resturaunts with the really heavy, wooden doors and they are the source of this new bicep!

    Don't think your menacing, Primal guru voices didn't haunt me while I was chugging pure, melted chocolte milk and munching on fries. I even documented all of my sins to showcase them in my hall of shame... ahm... journal!
    You'll be glad to know that I didn't document my Juliet's breakfast because I knew some of you might get insulin spikes just from looking at what we consumed.

    Glare, at your discretion!

    Poutine with bacon, cheese, green peppers, onions and mushrooms.

    Vy's giant salad, which I had no interest in because I had this...

    My first 14 oz. ribeye. One of many to come.
    This is actually a defining moment, when I realised I no longer hate Suck City Montreal, I now love it dearly. It's my home. Because only MY home serves 16 oz steaks at EVERY restaurent. In Toronto the biggest was 10 and they were all lean and tough! Yuck!
    - This would make my second home Texas, even though I've never been there. But I hear a porthouse steak calling my name... calling me home! ;3

    Smoked Montreal meat. Guys, words can't even describe! It was pure, tender, fatty goodness! It was heaven! And no other place can recreate the taste of it! The diner is called Dunn's Famouse Diner and when you order the smoked meat they innocently ask you: "lean, medium or fat?"... And what can a Primey say to that? "FUCK YEAH FAT!"

    And that is what I do during French class. Draw beautiful boys and hope they'd come to life and #@^#&$%^!^%^%^#^#^#%!!%#^ (censured).

    And if you thought this post can't get any longer.... You've got another thing coming!
    I honestly don't expect anyone to have read this far:3 but if you have, I will give you the greatest gift of all: breasts. Unless you already have them, in which case, I have nothing to give you. Sorry.

    My eats for today:
    -> chicken soup with chicken leg
    -> salad: cucumber, tomato, lettuce, vinegrette and grapeseed oil dressing
    -> 16 oz. ribeye (yes, bigger, better, stornger, faster) and a giant salad with vinegrette dressing (it had honey and maple syrup in it! :x)
    -> grilled veggies
    -> coleslaw
    -> an oz of nuts
    -> 2 cups of berries
    Which brings me to: 2,025 cals. Fat 152, Protein 109, Carbs 61.
    Ignore the calories, I'm a growing young boy... grr... girl! Pretty perfect if you ask me!

    Oh an that's not even the end of my weird daily adventures.
    I was coming home from said heavenly dinner, taking the subway with Japanese metal heavily blasting from my headphones, ya know, just being my emo self... and some weird guy sits across from me and says: "Hi, I'm Mike!"
    He had a notebook in his hand so I figured he was a Jehova's Witness person and tried to ignore him.
    But instead he motioned for me to take off my headphone and not be rude I did.
    Mike: What's your name?
    Me: Alona
    M: That's what I do when I go to the bank
    A:... *processing processing...* Oh
    M: Do you get that a lot?
    A: Actually no, never.
    M: Good, I don't wanna be the 100th guy who said that to you
    A: No, you're quite original
    M: Good. I once found this Moses stick, and I was like "part people!" and the sea of people parted
    A: *unsure of what to say and weather to carry a taser from now on*
    M: *notices awkwardness* I know what you're thinking, too bad he's not cuter
    A: Uh, *shit he figured me out* no... Do you do this often? Talk to people on the subway?
    M: No, three years ago, I haven't done that. No, I kid. Only if they look interesting. You looked interesting.
    A: Ah...
    M: *puts hand deep into his pocket, A prays for him to not pull out a gun* *pulls out pen* *writes Alona in notebook* *hands A notebook*
    A: Are you serious?...
    M: Yeah
    A: Why should I give you my number?
    M: So that I can call you... And after some long hard thinking you can decide if you'd go out with me.
    A: *hesitates*
    M: *interjects himself in subway doors*
    A: *reluctantly writes down number so M doesn't split in two*

    Now, I'm not sure if (a) Mike doesn't go around all subway trains with his little notebook using the same tactic on confused female passengers or I was just 'lucky' (b) if he's crazy (c) if he's really witty and original (d) if he's actually cute or I'm traumatized (e) if he's actually gonna call or if this was some truth or dare mission, and (f) if I should actually f him ;3

    Okay, I mean "date" him, but that was way too tempting of a joke.

    Should I go out with him? Is he crazy? I don't know what the fuck happened!
    I could have said no but I was so confused and unsure. I mean, isn't this what I wanted, an original pick-up line? Someone confident enough to come up to me? Someone witty and funny?

    But who the hell does that?!

    I need guru-y input.

    What can I say? It's another bullshit night in suck city.

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    I think he was fascinated, and he wants your number so he can ask you out.
    Don't overthink's not the line that matters- only the delivery ;-)

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    I agree with Kuno. Don't over think it. You never know what might happen. He could be the most amazing dude ever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Diana Renata View Post
    He could be the most amazing dude ever.
    Wait a second, I wasn't in Canada...

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