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Thread: Monday Is The Day!/ NoSaladWithoutMeat

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    Oh my God, you bitches are really kicking my ass today!...

    I'm almost shamed for lying around in my exercise clothes without having done the workout*

    *Excuse of the day: I was gonna do the workout but my mom came home early and freaked me out.
    Now she's hogging my room because it has he a/c...

    But I'll have you know that I'm going for a walk, as I did yesterday, and once my parents clear the house... I will exercise so hard that the floor will shake! Where I get this motivation? I imagine punching that bitch, Jillian Micheals, she's pissing me off...! YOU GO LOWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Anywho... I appreciate the ass kicking, the yoda quotes, the virtual yelling (and I think someone sent me anthrax in the mail, thanks for that).

    I guess the dairy isn't really cool... I've gotten breakouts in the weirdest places... my bum, my thigh, and... my arm pit?!!?!?!
    My face is alright, I don't know what did it- the tanning or the AHA? :/

    This week should be ass kicking week, because next weekend my bf is coming over and I will be forced to become... naked.

    I'm IFing today.

    Excuse of the month: I only cheat because I'm in this mindset of "oh, it's easy to eat crap and still go down on the scale!"... It's some really infantile, 12 y.o shit, cause my initial goal was to get healthy... but now the breakouts are back, the period is gone and the ass kicking has been brought...

    Going for a walk and will attempt at making steak tartar... Wish me luck... And if I die, you can have my CD collection.
    "The penis is the male animal-flower, a soft-firm dildo, a warm dream."
    -Raymond Peat, PhD

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    Wow, I felt that ass-kicking from way over here!

    Your talk of raw meat is intriguing me.... if you don't die, post a recipe. Please.

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    Aaaw, Monk, that is the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me

    Don't worry, before I die the recipe would be my last uttered words...
    "The penis is the male animal-flower, a soft-firm dildo, a warm dream."
    -Raymond Peat, PhD

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    Jillian Micheals, she's pissing me off...! YOU GO LOWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I have actually yelled that at the tv. Actually it was "YOu GO LOWER, BITCH!" but I digress.

    Hey... your bf can surely help you exercise. It's a hell of a workout if you do it right. (At least that's what I remember...)

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    Well... I did it....!
    And I live to tell the tale! (the night is young, I might die in my sleep)

    There was an attractive butcher at the grocery store who wondered if I was looking for something (I'd tap that, don't care if he's 40)... but I was too shy to ask: "Can I eat this steak raw?!"
    I regretted it when he left, I wanted to ask him what's good for tartar but I was also afraid I might not like the answer.

    I was looking for Bison: 100 grass-fed, vacuum sealed goodness, but alas they don't carry it anymore as I seemed to be the only customer willing to buy them... They do have a "bizarre fridge", which contains rabbits, deer, frogs... and other strange animals.
    I was gonna get the horse meat... even the "suggested serving" picture showed it completely raw, but I chickened out...
    Instead I got a regular fillet of beef sirloin, something like that... and hoped for the best.

    I had it and I feel okay, I have a slight belly grumble but it might be because everyone was freaking out and now I'm wondering if I'll die.

    Here's the recipe (for one, really fat, steak lover):
    2 gherkins (I put 4, too much!)
    1 tsp. of capers
    1/2 of real, old fashioned French dijon mustard
    1/2 shallot
    300-400 grams of beef
    1 tbsp. of olive oil/ walnut oil

    People really freaked me out about eating raw meat (DEATH DEATH DEATH), so I went overboard with the spices.
    First I washed it, dried it, cut the parts that were exposed to air/ plastic container, put it in the freezer while I was cutting other things.
    I cut the shallot, ghekings and capers really finely, put them in a bowl.
    Then I took out the meat and minced it finely (make sure to wash the knife, when it's a little damp it makes it easier to cut it).
    Then I mixed the meat with an egg yolk in a separate bowl and added the walnut oil (you can use fragrant olive oil), pepper and salt (not too much the capers and pickles are salty!). You can add a tad of lemon juice to be on the safe side, but I think the taste will be overpowering.
    Also, the pickles should be sweet because if you get the sour variety it'll be too... pickly! (get over it, it's a word now!)
    Then mix everything and add the mustard.

    I went overboard with mine, I couldn't taste the meat because I put so much lemon juice and other crap... (that's what I get for being paranoid), so it was disappointing because it tasted too much like the pickles.
    It was still good! And I had it with butter... a scoop of butter and some tartar... yum... (I ate a lot of butter basically)...

    If you're as brave as I am (or have access to quality meat)... go for it!
    "The penis is the male animal-flower, a soft-firm dildo, a warm dream."
    -Raymond Peat, PhD

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    OMG, I just made the best Primal icecream!
    It's so simple! 3 tbsp. of mascrapone cheese, frozen berries and raw, cocoa powder! YUMBA IN MAH BAMBA!

    Behold the beauty that is ice cream!... Though my crappy camera has shaded you form the blinding beauty of my icecream!

    Anyways, it's good.

    I've been reading the Raw meat diet forums... Those folks are kinda crazy... I feel bad for the guy who has to answer some of the questions...
    "If the lord told adam and eve to eat the fruit from the trees... why are you telling me to eat meat?"
    Uh, I might be just a confused Jew, but didn't the "lord" tell Adam and Eve not to eat the fruit...? Just saying...
    Some more pearls of wisdom..."Me and my wife (clearly rednecks) we love potatoes and bread, and I love meat and my wife loves potatoes and we were on Atkins and it was ok, and then we stopped and we got fat again... what is the best diet?"
    ...I really admire this guy for not flipping out... Any freaking diet YOU STOP, will get you back to where you started! Even I, know that! (sometimes)
    "I don't like vegetables... I eat potato chips and drink apple jusice and eat peas and carrots in sheppard pies... i try so hard to get the vegetables... what should i do..."
    ...I am officially speechless. How many servings of vegetables are in potato chips?

    And there's really no end... I thought that maybe there are weirdo beginners who probably stumbled on the wrong forum and that the guy in charge of the FAQs is an okay dude until I read this as part of his answer..."Anyway, the most I do is drain the blood away(for drinking) as the blood from the meat otherwise goes everywhere(most of the meats I buy come in sealed plastic bags and the blood tends to collect at the bottom of the bag)..."

    Drinking... blood...




    Prcosessing processing...


    So, this diet is clearly not for me... or the non-blood sucking mortals... [though this diet might appeal to the Twilight crowd, with the right advertising technique. "BECOME LIKE EDWARD! Be a "vegetarian vampire", drink animal blood and sparkle in the sun! Chicks dig!"

    I like my steak tartar, yes, but there's just some things I'm not willing to do:
    -forgo all spices
    -tolerate a 6 month(+) detox where I will be bed ridden...
    -drinking blood apparently
    -not eating anything cooked ever
    -byebye chocolate, byebye icecream, byebye rare steak, byebye pulled pork, byebye vegetables...

    Dude, I command these folks... because I would not be able to live like that. I love food, and eating it tasteless (without spices, this bothers me the most)... it's just, not LIVING! (which brings me to my second point: they are all fucking vampires!)

    Something creepy... Surgery to cut out your eyes to make them look bigger... Augh, why? WHY? WHY?! Asian girls should just be happy with their fucking eyes! I'd take being skinny and having perfect skin no matter what I eat over big, blue eyes any fucking day!
    Anyone wanna trade?!
    Hehe, I remember in high-school there were korean girls who would stalk me and stare at me, they'd ask me where I got my eye contacts and I tried to explain... my eyes are really that blue-green...!
    I think one of them had a crush on me, she kept touching me and giggling... and following me around... and drawing me... it would be a lot creepier if she was a dude, but because she was a small asian girl I wasn't as bothered :/

    Anywho, I looked at the testimonials page (all four of them... who happen to be all dudes, and all forums admins), some of them were Vegan skinny (a dude, who's 128 pounds and bragging about it... I mean yeah he's 5'5... but dude... EAT SOMETHING!) and I don't know, I wasn;t impressed it seems like there's a lot of work and not that much gain. At least for me.

    My bf says I'm insane and I want too much.
    It's true, I feel great on PB, why look elsewhere?
    I have been horrible lately, especially the dairy (btw, don't mix raw meat and dairy... I feel like I'm gonna die...), but I'll make up for it and do you proud...

    *passes out mid sentence*
    "The penis is the male animal-flower, a soft-firm dildo, a warm dream."
    -Raymond Peat, PhD

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    Mascarpone ice cream... Drooooooooool.... that is such an amazing idea. I love mascarpone!

    OMG, I'd scream at people if I had to answer those questions. Drinking blood... not so bad. Not that I'd drink the juices from a package of store-bought meat. Ick. I do have a liking for blood though. I like to fry it- lol. Just dump the blood into a hot pan with a bit of oil. It's like scrambled eggs.

    When it comes to raw, I do it sometimes just to change it up a little. Mostly it's impulse. Raw food is so refreshing, but I must still have spices! There's just something so light and healthful about it. It's like going from vegetable soup to a fresh salad. I like them both. It just depends on what I'm in the mood for.

    Now mixing raw meat and dairy sounds good. Like some raw hamburger (with spices) on wedges of sharp cheddar. Mmmm....

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    Hi Meaty,

    Went on vacation and boycotted computers for a few days like 10 and been trying to catch up on your journal, your Ice cream looks yummy might have to try it sometime soon. I got to get out of the house now because I am making lamb stew and IFing at the same time and the stuff smells soooo good.

    just wanted to let you know I am still lurking blue eyes
    Strive for healthy today.

    Satisfaction is the death of desire.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kev View Post
    Hi Meaty,

    Went on vacation and boycotted computers for a few days like 10 and been trying to catch up on your journal, your Ice cream looks yummy might have to try it sometime soon. I got to get out of the house now because I am making lamb stew and IFing at the same time and the stuff smells soooo good.

    just wanted to let you know I am still lurking blue eyes
    Hehe, thanks Kev :3 You always make me feel better on my depressive escapades! :]


    Giant BBQd steak. Rare and spicy.

    Salads and salsa and garlicy mayo.

    My pear icecream.

    I haz a recipe!
    Meaty's Pearcicles:
    I didn't have the patience to freeze these suckers up but I'm sure you could.
    - 4 apricots
    - 2 pears
    - roasted, UNslated sunflower seeds (optional but tastynal)
    - strawberries
    - cinnamon powder

    Since I'm lazy I just blended everything and viola.
    I garnished it with berries and put it in the freezer for an hour. It was cold and sorbet-like.
    The sunflower seeds are to make up for the lack of fat. I'm sure you can add coconut oil, if you wish.
    But the sunflower seeds and the pears have an amazing combo. Kinda like dates and walnuts, or walnuts and bananas.
    If you have those popcicle molds of icecube trays, go nuts! I didn't so I just add it as is.

    I haz another recipes!
    Avocado Thingamajig:
    -> 1 avocado
    -> two hard boiled eggs
    -> 2 garlics (or 1 if you don't want it too spicy)
    -> pinch of cayene pepper, salt and black pepper
    -> love

    You mix it all up until it's gooey and then you add the spices and you go "yummm!"
    Add the love at the end.
    It's kinda like devilled eggs!
    That's what it looks like (the green goo).

    P.S the beer isn't mine.
    P.S2 this is when we oven baked a whole trout! YUM!

    Julienne Recipe:
    My mom calls it that, I don't know why. This is for those who are lactose tolerant and who don't stay away from cheese.
    Even thoguh I can't tolerate dairy well, I still love these. Maybe if you have access to raw, organic cheese you'll enjoy it a lot more.
    - graded cheese of your choice
    - mushrooms, chopped
    - mayo

    You can fry up the mushrooms in butter first. Then put them in small baking molds.
    Top the mushrooms with mayo and then graded cheese.
    Bake these in the oven until the cheese is slightly crispy and a crust has formed.
    Underneath the mayo becomes fluffly and mousse like and all the oil from the cheese and mayo have melted onto the mushrooms.
    It's so tasty!
    [in the pictures they are the small, yellow things]

    Lastly, Pink & Red Summer Salad:

    The idea came from both Batty and Danish.
    It's a fruit salad with watermelon and any red berries you can get your hands on.
    I topped it with mascrapone and sunflower seeds!
    If you mix them in a blender (using frozen berries) you'll get an icecream. Mmm...

    I love it when my parents have a BBQ weekend. We eat mainly primal. Their cooking style is really simplistic so these recipes kinda reflect how realsitc we are when cooking :] just blend things, cut thing, fry them and go

    Yesterday I ate two giant pork chops in the middle of the night...
    I'm getting bingy!
    Maybe this is supposed to be "that time of the month", some I'm getting really hungry at odd times of the night :/
    I wish my period came back :/


    P.S I bet my bf that Netherlands will win the game and the bet is: the loser gets to be he winner's personal slave for the whole weekend!!!!!
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    "The penis is the male animal-flower, a soft-firm dildo, a warm dream."
    -Raymond Peat, PhD

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