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Thread: Beets! What to do with them?

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    Beets! What to do with them?

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    What are some good (and easy) ways to prepare/cook beets? Also, they always have a bunch of stems & greens on top and I was wondering do those get tossed or is there a tasty use for them?
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    juice 'em! its a nice treat.

    you can eat the tops, but i never have. maybe green juice.

    thats about my extent at how to eat beets

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    Yes, you can cook the greens!

    Roast 'em! Using gloves, peel the skin away, and nom nom nom!

    Beets are amazing.
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    The leaves you can eat like lettuce.

    I like simple boiled or steamed beets; cook with skin on, then peel. I love them tossed in EVOO + vinegar with S + P or in a salad with goat cheese. They're SO tasty.

    I've never roasted them, but that seems to be a popular method, too.
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    Eat leaves (bitter to me), saute leaves (less bitter), and roast beets to put on salad or eat warm. 350 degrees, skins on (rinse away dirt), wrap three or so in foil, place on cookie sheet, roast for about an hour or hour and half. Let cool in oven, peel with papertowel - skin comes right off in hand. Slice & serve. Do not be alarmed when your urine is reddish, its normal for beet eaters!

    Eat them, eat them - here they are! Eat them, eat them - like a star!

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