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    If there is anything that I have learned about strength in these last few years is that it is progressive.

    Ultimately humans seem to have been built for explosive strength and endurance for long hikes. But how would Grok go from heaving a 20-lb rock to a 50-lb one.

    Since he also had to master the same skills as a modern day decathlete, how would he go about it?

    On a slightly unrelated note, here is a sweet clip from "Walking With Beasts"

    This is exactly what I imagine when I do my sprints.

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    After killing an animal you would have to get it back to camp.

    I'm sure that lugging 100lb of dead weight for a couple of miles would do wonders for building strength.

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    Go hunting. Report back.

    Seriously, the last time I had to butcher something and get it back to the truck- and the beast did us the courtesy of dropping a hundred feet from the road- I got a *full* body workout.

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    He started doing presses with a baby mastodon and then progressed as it grew. Like that Greek guy......

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    Hunting is serious business. Have you ever had to drag a deer? It's bloody hell, especially if you:

    a) have to drag it up hill.

    b) have to drag it through water, in which case it gets soaking wet and even heavier.

    And of course it really sucks if you have to drag it through water and THEN up hill.

    Then there's the process of hanging it. Oye ve.

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