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Thread: need snack options

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    need snack options

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    I started a new job and the people here literally graze all day. Its very frustrating. They have mounds of chocolate, donuts, cakes, cookies etch and all around me everyone is eating. I'm pretty good about ignoring it, but i have co-workers stop by my desk several times a day dropping off goodies. I don't eat it but they get offended. I found that if I have a snack on my desk already, they will walk by. I have a boat of nuts but i feel like I'm gaining weight from all the nuts I've eaten 0 could anyone recommend something else that I could keep on my desk that would be a healthy alternative?

    thanks! Twink

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    Pork rinds? People will probably say eeewwww and walk away. If you don't like pork rinds, so much the better. Hehe.
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    seaweed? i like dulse but could only buy wakame leaf today. it's a bit harder to eat but I hold it in my mouth to rehydrate. Plus it's lovely and salty

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    Organic beef jerky, cocoa nibs?
    I think that once you get further in, you really won't care and snacking won't be appealing to you- at least that's what I've found. And I was a chronic grazer. I was never not eating before PB. First month I was asking questions like this- feeling at a loss for snack foods, then all of the sudden, snacks weren't even desirable.
    As for your coworkers, you could always claim gluten or sugar sensitivity (because it's pretty true for most of us) and put up a sign or just let people know gently.
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    If you can avoid snacking at all it will be better for you. But if you need something, roasted chicken drumsticks are great. We do big batches then have them on hand when needed.

    Other options are carrot sticks, chopped up red pepper or any other raw veg that you like. You could also get something to dip it in. Guacamole or cottage cheese are my favourites.

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    Pumpkin seeds, coconut flakes, dried or fresh fruit, Greek yogurt

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    They need to grow up and stop taking it as an offense.

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    Instead of a boat of nuts or something, put a little satanic altar on your desk. That will keep people away.
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    Some of my favorite snack options include:
    Kale Chips
    Home made Paleo style veggie burger
    My home made Dino-Muffins
    Roasted sweet potato cubes
    Half an apple/orange/banana
    Coconut Oil Fudge
    Raw, unpasteurized cheese wedge
    Medjool Dates
    Raw, vegan, gluten free, soy free no bake brownies

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    Don't snack, it's a bad habit. Consider eating in a feeding window outside work.
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