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Thread: Feeling Ill After Eating After Workout

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    Feeling Ill After Eating After Workout

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    First post here, been lurking for a short while. I have a question I was hoping some of you may be able to answer.

    I don't eat breakfast, I drink coffee and water in the AM before going to workout around noon. I do an hour and a half workout and then return to work and maybe 20 to 30 minutes later eat lunch. Lately after eating lunch I start to feel ill, for about 30 minutes and then it passes and I feel fine.

    This has been a consistent problem for the past two weeks. I thought it might be a dehydration issue but the last few days I've been sure to drink a lot of water before and after my workout. No change. Is this an indication that I should be waiting longer to eat or maybe eat something before the workout?


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    I'd try waiting a bit longer. Maybe try having breakfast and that will let you wait longer before your post workout food.
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    I don't know. This shit is weird to me.

    What kind of questions are these?

    Get over it.

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    Now dado, no snapping at the newbies.

    tizzo- I can't say for you, but my experience is that after I workout, my satiation hormone (can't dig up the name for it at the moment) is working overtime for at least an hour. Even after I've fasted, I don't even have the desire to eat after a workout for an hour to an hour and a half. My advice is to try to listen to your body. Maybe give it a little bit more time after the workout. You'll get it figured out.
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    I too would wait a bit longer. I've come to believe that the whole notion that you have to eat immediately after a workout or you will lose muscle thing is a bunch of BS. If you are training intensely as with HIIT, there is a release of natural human growth hormone and eating within the first couple hours will stop this flow according to all the research I've read. So I'm thinking that eating may be more counterproductive than not. I train fasted as well and have noticed a real lack of hunger for a few hours after training. This should be a sign that food is not needed yet.

    I think that the whole eat right away was/is in part a fabrication of the supplement industry to impress upon us the need to get that quick protein fix via their powders etc. What quicker way to the muscles than to drink it?

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    Try drinking during your workout rather than after so you can rehydrate as you go. It's much easier to rehydrate on an empty stomach.

    Drinking after will fill your stomach just before you eat making you feel uncomfortable. It will also dilute your digestive enzymes.
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