I have a fancy new scale that reads percentages of muscle mass, bone density, and useless SAD caloric recommendations. I'm freaked the eff out about my bone density reading, which is a measly 13% for a female my age! Now, given that I know I have risk factors (Caucasian, small frame, family history), I've been working out religiously since I was 17 years old, was active in soccer, cycling, and ballet as a child, and have never been a sedentary person. I've been lactose intolerant for as long as I can remember, but can handle butter, yogurt, and a little hard cheese.

So, I'm going to try bone broth for calcium supplementation. I'm also hoping to rid my back side of all that nasty-ass cellulite I've been lugging around my entire adult life.

Anyone have a success story to share? How about other benefits you've received since incorporating bone broth into your diet?