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Thread: In starting to struggle..... again

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    I'm starting to struggle..... again

    Hi. I previously started to eat primal last year. My wife would buy chocolate and cakes which I found easy to ignore. I would open the cupboard see the junk food and say " no thanks". But then I slowly started to increase my carbs,the odd chocolate here and there, slice of bread , cereal until I gave up and put the weight back on.
    Not defeated I am back to eating primal and have lost a stone again. But I can feel myself starting to slip again. My carb intake is slowly increasing which is making me more hungry. I even ate a whole easter egg the other day. I so want to continueeating primal as I can feel the difference it makes and I want to prove people wrong as I do get a lot of negative comments about my new lifestyle,especially when they say its just another Atkins, that really bugs me.
    So if there is anyone out there who can help me or if you been through the same situation and how you managed to overcome it. That would be great. One option is to go chocolate/cake crazy once a month but I'm not sure that would be wise. P.s I hate dark chocolate.
    Many thanks.
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