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Thread: Hey everyone

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    Hey everyone

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    Hey guys, so me and my mum. Mum being late 50's and me being 18 have thought to give this a try.

    I'm currently studying for me to be able to become a personal trainer, i would say i'm quite fit been training for around a year off and on for certain reasons. surf usualy 2 hours a day ( if there waves ).

    My mum has stayed really quite fit and good looking for her age i must say , rides a bike 5Kms a day fairly active with walking dog few times a week, no diseases that known of or any injuries.

    So i am here to ask you guys you're thoughts , we have purchased a deal on the website of the cooking books, but none of the exercise. But in the video i seen mark talking, sounded like he trains twiice a week at a High intensity with just body weights and does a run ? ( Sprints or long runs )?

    But anyways, how did you guys start it off to be how you guys are now? What training? Eat out of the books? There are some bloody amazing stories i read on this website about results.

    Thank you to anyone that replys.

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    Hi and welcome,

    I concentrated on getting the diet right first. I have the cookbooks and I use the internet for recipes and ideas. Now that I've lost 40lbs I am getting serious about training for muscle toning. I'm still playing around on what works best for me as far as workouts so not much advice on that.

    Good luck with the new lifestyle, have fun with it.

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    Okay. Thank you for reply

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