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Thread: Kids, teens, children, fussy eaters and the primal blueprint

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    Kids, teens, children, fussy eaters and the primal blueprint

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    Hi everyone,

    Ive been primal for 10 months, lost 20kg and feel fabulous. Im embarrassed to say that my 15 yr old daughter is the fussiest eater Ive ever come across. She approves of my way of life, and encourages me and we talk food and health all the time, but as for her eating habits??? Terrible. It's not a teen thing, she's been a picky eater her whole life, and that includes from the time she was weened from the breast. She has always hated food. Her father is a bit the same.

    Her typical day of food goes like this:

    Breakfast - one piece of white bread toast with vegemite, coffee, milk and sugar.

    Morning Tea - small packet of crisps, half an apple and a popper juice.

    Lunch, - one white bread sandwich with a slice of tasty cheese.

    Afternoon tea - a few sweet biscuits such as oreos or similar, a bowl of 2 min egg noodles (pot noodles)

    Dinner, a tablespoon of peas, or corn kernels, or cauliflower and carrot. But very small amount. Perhaps half a small potato, pretend meat product (eg chicken nugget style breaded product, but rarely eats the whole thing or even close to half).

    Things she won't touch, - meat, chicken, fish, eggs, lettuce, cucumber, any salad vegetable.

    I am at my wits end. She is very thin. She likes to talk about food, and likes the look and smell of food, but reckons she hates the way it feels in her mouth. She can't tolerate anything fatty in her mouth and was like this well before she may have learned the CW "fat makes you fat". I don't think she's got any mental issues around food.

    I have her on a multivitamin, but am considering adding fish oil caps and a protein milkshake once a day with an added raw egg in it.

    What do you all think of that?


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    It sounds like she does have an eating disorder. I don't throw that sentence around lightly, but it seems true. Would be great if you could find some sort of effective therapy.
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    Does she help shop/cook/prepare meals? If not, would she be so fussy if she did?

    I just read Nora Gedgaudas' Primal Body, Primal Mind and I'm sure there was something in there about fussy eating/eating disorders sometimes being related to vitamin/mineral deficiencies (as in a cause rather than a result). Can't find the reference now though...

    Good luck. I have a skinny fussy teenaged boy, he does eat healthy food though, just not much of it and has a thing about certain people (not me fortunately) preparing his food. He cleans his plate when he cooks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sihana View Post
    Don't feed her. Don't let her get a snack. Let her get nice and hungry. If she complains, her only option is to eat the fatty foods. Hunger will force her to give in eventually, and food would never taste so good as that moment.
    Er.... Actually this girl sounds like she may have an eating disorder so I don't think this would be a good idea.

    Not that I want to scare the OP but the signs are there. She likes to talk about food, health and primal living... Yet she hardly eats herself and won't even think of trying it. But she's encouraging her mother to do it. I think this is deeper than just being a picky eater.

    And honestly? I don't really have any good advice. The medical community is still struggling to treat eating disorders and a lot of what they try doesn't work. Denying her food will just give more issues. Creating a positive environment around food would be great. If you can gently persuade her to eat just a few mouthfuls of healthy primal food, that would be good. Just a little at a time, because if you force it, she'll probably come back at you even harder.

    And if you tell her she can't have what little she already eats, I think things would just get even worse. Again, I really hate to scare anybody because I could be totally off-base but the fact she's so eager to engage in talks about the primal lifestyle and food but won't eat any herself is a behavior I've seen a lot former anorexics talk about engaging in. :(

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    Your daughter has a sensory disorder. Please look into the GAPS diet for her. It was developed for autistic children that have VERY strong aversions and it works very well. Search the board, web and yahoo groups.

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    Im surronded by fussy eaters like this, its not so much an eating disorder as my little brother was indentical, but it was a difficult to knock him out of this cycle, try including new and interesting foods. Remove these toxic foods from your cupboard straight away, and never buy them again, focus on the small things she likes, for example my brother wouldnt touch a single piece of unprocessed meet, but when we put a bowel of muscels infront of him they didnt last 5 minutes, that then moved on to all sorts of fish, hes not perfect by any means but its a slow gradual process, not a change that happens overnight.

    Does she suffer from ADHD or anything else on the autistic spectrum?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sihana View Post
    Remember, she is your "property" until she moves out. Take advantage of it and force your property to eat better.
    Yikes - she is a human being with her own rights, not just the property of her parents. Plus, she is old enough to participate in decisions about her own life.
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    Not liking fatty meats and fat is not uncommon. My SO hates the taste of fatty meats and always has and so does not eat them. People grow up in their food choices... He used to hate veggies- well, I know why- his mom cooked them to mush. I mean, I don't like fatty meat. If you gave me a fatty piece of meat, I'd have a bite and move onto my veggies.... and if they weren't cooked right, I'd pass on them too.

    Maybe have her prepare some meals or try different preparations of foods.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jkr View Post
    Your daughter has a sensory disorder. Please look into the GAPS diet for her. It was developed for autistic children that have VERY strong aversions and it works very well. Search the board, web and yahoo groups.
    This. My first thought was sensory disorder or she's a super-taster. Will she eat smoothies or milkshake type foods? you may be able to get more nutrients into her that way if she likes fruit. I'm not all that familiar with the specifics of the GAPS diet, especially for sensory issues, but it would be a good place to start, I would think.

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    oh my.. this post worries me. My 9 year old is the same. I am at the point, she can eat anything as long as she eats. I think I made need to start a new thread so I do not hijak this one.

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