Hi everyone,

Ive been primal for 10 months, lost 20kg and feel fabulous. Im embarrassed to say that my 15 yr old daughter is the fussiest eater Ive ever come across. She approves of my way of life, and encourages me and we talk food and health all the time, but as for her eating habits??? Terrible. It's not a teen thing, she's been a picky eater her whole life, and that includes from the time she was weened from the breast. She has always hated food. Her father is a bit the same.

Her typical day of food goes like this:

Breakfast - one piece of white bread toast with vegemite, coffee, milk and sugar.

Morning Tea - small packet of crisps, half an apple and a popper juice.

Lunch, - one white bread sandwich with a slice of tasty cheese.

Afternoon tea - a few sweet biscuits such as oreos or similar, a bowl of 2 min egg noodles (pot noodles)

Dinner, a tablespoon of peas, or corn kernels, or cauliflower and carrot. But very small amount. Perhaps half a small potato, pretend meat product (eg chicken nugget style breaded product, but rarely eats the whole thing or even close to half).

Things she won't touch, - meat, chicken, fish, eggs, lettuce, cucumber, any salad vegetable.

I am at my wits end. She is very thin. She likes to talk about food, and likes the look and smell of food, but reckons she hates the way it feels in her mouth. She can't tolerate anything fatty in her mouth and was like this well before she may have learned the CW "fat makes you fat". I don't think she's got any mental issues around food.

I have her on a multivitamin, but am considering adding fish oil caps and a protein milkshake once a day with an added raw egg in it.

What do you all think of that?