So, it's been a while. Have been nursing my dog, Kid, who had cancer, and we finally let him go Monday. It was the hardest thing I've ever done, I think. I was glad we got to be with him at the end and he felt my hands and heard my voice as he fell asleep.
So, I cry. A lot. Like now.
Been on and off Primal - some crackers for comfort or microwave popcorn. Have been ok since yesterday and did walk the other dog three times this week. Tuesday I stayed in bed most of the day, sleeping and crying. It also really hurt that someone I am close to was not there for me. Not at all. Not sure I want to continue to have this person in my life anymore.
I dont' know where my weight is - I know it's certainly not down, but I am afraid to weigh myself in case it really depresses me. Focusing on walking and eating primally.
Would like to try the Leptin reset, but just not really sure what it is in terms of how it works. Anything too complicated to me, just turns me off and makes me want to quit before I start.

I am also trying to wean myself off a prescription drug I take for restless legs syndrome - it's not going that well, some nights are ok, then I'll have 2-3 crazy nights where the symptoms are aggravated and I get almost no sleep. Of course this does NOT mean I can rest all day, but rather up at 7am and on with my life.
Sometimes I would like a pesky drug habit so I can go to rehab and SLEEP. Is it possible to fake a nervous breakdown?????