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Thread: Food ideas for 11month baby girl!!!

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    Shop Now is the website of brian palmer who has been studying this for way over 20 years now. I don't have sound working on my computer so can't hear what they're sayign, but truly, for a breastfed baby, palate size and shape won't be an issue unless the baby has a dummy a lot or sucks fingers or thumbs. It's the pressure from the teat or digits that causes the palate to shape itself to that shape (the breast is soft and moulds to the baby's mouth).

    Interestingly, at a conference I heard Brian Palmer at, I learned that if you have issues with your palate (which can then cause speech and eating issues, which can cause other issues) and you address it before you're 19, the palate will correct itself. In my case, this was very true. Being bottle fed, I had a raised palate (it is supposed to be flattish) and this caused my wisdom teeth to lay down instead of 'standing up' if you can picture that. My teeth were very crowded and back then, the fix was to rip them out, so I only have 26 teeth all up now. But I had them out before my 19th birthday and now my palate is lovely and flat (and I even did the dribble thing babies do when their teeth come through!) and my teeth sit where they should.

    Sorry, bit OT there.

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    We give our 11 month old chopped up egg, chicken, steak, pot roast, hunks of cheese, avocado, sweat potato, assorted diced veggies (brussel sprouts, asparagus, swiss chard, spinach, spaghetti squash) and fruit. At first I was a little nervous due to the size, but she motors through it all pretty well. We still have some pureed food left and she even eats that with her hands. I'm making the Hungarian goulash Mark recently posted, she'll have some of that tomorrow!
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    Shop Now

    Noticed your location. Are you in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada?!

    If so, WHERE the heck did you find raw milk?!?!?!
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