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    Hello fellow Groks and Grokettes! My name is Tracie and I am two months new to the PB. I have previously been a raw foodie/vegetarian for the last year, but I always like to keep my mind open which is why I bought Mark's book. I decided missed meat and heated food so I thought I'd try it for a week...then I tried it for another week. I could not believe the things that happened to my body! Suddenly I had all this energy and I just couldn't give it up. So here I am!

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    That's great!

    ...can you drop my vegan aunt and uncle a line?

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    Way to go! Meat is definitely a positive option! Amazing the day by day changes. I tried raw food too. It might work if I lived in Hawaii instead of the Northwest! Welcome aboard!

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    Hello everyone my name is ginny working in a travel company.

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