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    you have to pay attention totaly on food!!
    if you try ro avoid fast food then its mostly help in losing ypur weight!!
    use little percente of oil in regular food!!
    Gud Luck
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    I'm a 31 year old woman, and I absolutely think that women can have success with this way of eating. I found CW dieting miserable and ineffective. Primal in comparison has been pretty effortless. I just cut out grains, added sugars, and bad oils. I eat 2-3 big, fatty, satisfying meals, no snacks, and move alot. I've lost 25 lbs. to get back to the weight I was 10 years ago and I have more energy and better muscle definition than I did then.

    I've always been "blessed" with a good metabolism. As a kid I could eat whatever I wanted and stay skinny. When I was pregnant with my son I packed on a lot of weight and stayed heavier after, and found that my weight fluctuated much more easily than it had before. Now I find that as long as I stay with Primal-approved foods (I tolerate dairy well so that includes alot of cream and cheese), I can eat as much as I want again and stay very lean. I love it!

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    I'm a 40 year old woman who has had a ton of success with Primal. I started eating/moving Primal on March 23 and as of today (July 1) I have lost 32 pounds. I eat 2 meals a day (lunch.dinner), keep my carbs between 40-70 g and have minimal dairy - a little cream in my coffee, occasionally butter, no cheese. I eat lots of meat & veggies, fruit is an occasional treat, and I use nuts as a condiment - a few almonds, walnuts or pecans chopped in salads occasionally as crouton substitute.

    It still amazes me how EASY this has been. I've yo-yoed my whole life & dieting was always a mental stuggle for me because of the constant cravings I had eating the CW way.

    So, as someone who lurks on the forums, I did want to say that I think there are plenty of women out here who are succeeding on Primal without posting about it all the time

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    I lost about 15 pounds in 6 weeks back in 2010 when I discovered MDA and primal eating. Got down to 120 from about 135. That was a bit too skinny for my frame so I added more fruit and now I always hover around 125, which is my ideal weight. I've been eating this way for over 2 years now and whether I'm exercising or not, my weight pretty much stays the same. It isn't that difficult if you stick to the right foods. I eat as much as I want, sometimes that means a lot, sometimes I go 18 hours without thinking about eating. It helps to eat a lot of fatty foods -- they keep you feeling satisfied.

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    I can do whatever I want and not lose an ounce. If I do it's back on the next day. Sigh. Of course this doens't work just like that. I have to do major portion control, and between kids and job and whatnot I don't have the selfdiscipline left. Blech.

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    You can take detox products. It works great for weight loss.
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    I have lost about 40 lbs. I find that when I eat meat, veggies, and fruits without having "20%", I lose. When I add in additional foods, be they primal "treats" (ie coconut flour goodies) or "20%" (ie, dark chocolate, ice cream), I stall and when I eat regular food, I gain. The fact is, I can't eat anything or as much as I want and lose weight. It's all good though. I'm trying now to cycle 30 days of meat, fruit and veggies with 30 days of meat, fruit, veggies and primal treats.

    I think overall men have an easier time at losing weight and most men are coming from a place of too many calories, whereas women have often come from a place of starving their metabolism down to nothing. It takes time to heal that.
    Check out my blog. Hope to share lots of great recipes and ideas!

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    We've found that one of the most helpful things that we can do for our self is to sit down and make a list about the things that we can eat. Some of the regular foods that we can still eat, without doing any gluten free baking at all. We have to try it and then try it again and must not use a regular recipe by exchanging hours, Use recipes those are moist already. Proteins are the best supplements for the fitness and even more must have eating tips for heart, bones, muscles, brain even for the best fitness, health and nutrition tips delivered to our body daily. Eating real good food that contains proteins, nutrients, carbohydrates and all other necessary things to our body makes us stood fit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jo View Post
    I lost weight cutting carbs and increasing protein (while keeping my calories at maintenance level on Fitday). This was before I started MDA. Paleo has lead to no weight loss at all. I agree that women seem to be struggling with weight achievement more than men. Remember too, that those who do not achieve what they want will just move on. I suspect there are quite a few of those we never hear from.

    One thing that concerns me is when people post here complaining that they are not losing weight they get told that they are not doing it good enough. Cut nuts, cut dairy, cut calories..... Is this really how PB is supposed to be? Restrictive? I think many people gain weight because they are missing nutrients and minerals from their diet and this advice to cut food intake further can make the situation worse. You shouldn't have to cut nutritional food from your diet to be healthy.

    My advice is to read the book, follow Mark's advice, and if you still don't lose weight dig deeper into the issue of stress, sleep and mineral deficiencies.
    This. ^^^

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    body condition is only one aspect of wellness, which is everything

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