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Thread: Allergic to Carbs. Zero Carb (or at least low low carb) for Cure

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChocoTaco369 View Post
    Out of the 7 countries in this study, we can clearly see saturated fat intake is correlated with increased rates of heart disease.

    Remember that one? The problem is, there are more than 7 countries on Earth.

    Again, what is your point? I don't care which 229 hunter gatherer groups specifically chosen to fit a predetermined conclusion were in this fantastic "study." Human beings came from warm-weather climates. Most traditional societies that exist today rely heavily on carbohydrate. HFLC diets mirror starvation metabolism. HFLC diets cause higher levels of stress hormones on average because stress hormones are what break amino acids into glucose via gluconeogenesis. Stress increase is a rule of HFLC dieting. Free fatty acids cause lactic acid buildup. HFLC diets cause increased lactic acid formation. HFLC diets cause insulin resistance.

    All facts.

    Surviving vs thriving. I don't care about cherrypicked information to support a predetermined agenda using epidemiology. It isn't real. What's real is how the human body reacts to food on a cellular level, and free fatty acids have a massive handicap regarding energy production vs glucose.
    Well I was gonna just let it drop, but since this thread made it back to the front page I'll write another response for fun!

    First off, I gave you data only because you called me out.

    "Ah, the "because I said so" argument. But you did a good job wrapping it in the "studies have shown" guise. It makes the fallacy sound more convincing." Your exact words.

    As if I couldn't back my stance that there is sufficient evidence of humans thriving in such a manner. So now you have to backpedal. Its not that I'm FOS and using fallacies, its that you just disregard the data cause you don't like epidemiology. How many hunter gatherer groups does it take to convince you if 229 isn't enough? It doesn't matter because no matter what evidence I provide your mind is made up. You have your paradigm built up that your working from, and you can't see outside of it. Biochemistry is great, but to me its folly to rely on it alone. Especially if you only have a working knowledge of the basics. In case you didn't know, many of the biological mechanisms put forth in molecular biology are just as hypothetical as those put forth based on epidemiological data. Very littly is known comparatively. Thats what makes the cross reference with epidemiology so vital. But to each their own.... I don't begrudge someone their opinion. Just took exception to being called out so I responded.

    So one by one..... I CAN refute the clame that HFLC is more stressful, I CAN refute your claim that insulin resistance from a HFLC diet is detrimental to health in any manner, I CAN refute that fatty acids are inferior to carbohydrate on a cellular level. Really... I can do all this with published literature, and I have. Just as with the cited hunter gatherer tribes though, I've done it all before and it got us nowhere. So if you call me out on my ability to back these claims in this instance your just gonna have to do an MDA search for those old threads.

    So for abc123....your plan looks good, and I think you can count on achieving excellent health with it. And you are right, me and Choco probably aren't disagreeing on anything of great importance here. It's just minutia, slight differences of opinion on optimal health, and a bit of ego on both parts.

    Derp..... I think we both are far enough along to know what we don't know (which I'm fine with admitting is quite a lot in my case) and just have our opinions on what we do. I can respect that.
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    I have to eat extraordinarily low carbohydrate or else I bloat like a balloon, I swear, 4 pieces of lettuce and I am bloated like an 8 month pregnant woman. I do far better without veggies, sadly, I really do love them!

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    Quote Originally Posted by GiGiEats View Post
    I have to eat extraordinarily low carbohydrate or else I bloat like a balloon, I swear, 4 pieces of lettuce and I am bloated like an 8 month pregnant woman. I do far better without veggies, sadly, I really do love them!
    Really? I thought lettuce was the least offensive veg for bloat?
    Then what veg have you found not to bloat?
    I checked out your web page and YouTube - but that's not "personal" diet related yet pretty funny.
    How about fruit? But you may be more focused on low carb than no bloat?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Casey View Post
    I have discovered I am allergic to all carbs also. I cannot eat them in any form or my bloating, insomnia and other issues come back full force. All grains, all bread, pasta, cereals, rice, beans - YES, even vegetables. All of it causes an allergic reaction in my system.

    I eat all meat, all protein, and force myself to eat veggies once in a while for the nutrients and the roughage. I am 52 years old, and I feel better than I have in ages.

    Menopause wreaked all kinds of havoc on my overloaded system, and years of the SAD and CW had my hormones and insulin levels as screwed up as possible. I am now, after only ONE MONTH CARB FREE, able to sleep better, my skin is cleared up and I need less lotion, my brain fog oh my goodness, I am alert and active, I am walking 3 miles at least every day, and the weight? I've lost 22 pounds in a month. And 14 inches off my body, and I only measure a few places. 3 inches off my waist. 3.5 inches off my hips. I feel glorious.

    It IS possible to be allergic to all carbs, I am proof. I do understand the need for supplements (and possibly dumping my diet coke addiction I KNOW). But all protein, all the time is my way of life these days.

    It was MDA and this forum, this community that gave me the idea to just quiet all the other voices and listen to my body. I can't thank you all enough.

    Maybe something to look into, OP and Casey Inborn errors of carbohydrate metabolism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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