The more I experiment with foods & my bodys corresponding reaction, I'm thinking that I may just be allergic, or at least reacting negatively to most carbs.. I'm lean, 5'10", around 162lbs, & 8% bf.. I look great, but feel like total shit when I eat starchy meals.. Sugar simply ruins me it seems..

When I eat: sweet potatoes, white rice (or brown), & most fruits I body gets really hot, skin is hot to touch, heart beats fast, fruit makes me pee non-stop, horribly bloated, gassy, ready to nap immediately, & sometimes the food just runs right through me.. primal "starchy" carbs you guys are eating trigger these inflammatory responses in me..

Almost appears I may have "IBS".. I can feel the acidic burning sensation in my gut when I eat a "carby" meal (I eat clean tubers, no grains.. I'm a pretty discipline eater) & its pretty apparant I'm not handling sugar well at all..

When I do eat these carb meals though, I seem to be super lean the next day.. I know this is the goal of most people, but for me, its like the furnace is burning to hard.. Doesn't seem & feel healthy.. Almost like I'm getting too lean..

Thinking this could be IBS or leaky gut? or just carb sensitive?

I feel fantastic on a high fat diet (meats, eggs, full fat yogurt, olive oil, avocado), obviously moderate to high protein.. Since almost completely eliminating carbs: (Zero to low low carbs.. less than 50 a day only coming form veggies) my energy is sustainable, my skin looks great, I sleep better, actually sustain my weight (& gain a little), heart beats quietly, stool seems perfect, & digestive system seems quiet & peaceful..

Anyone experience the same thing? I've always had a pretty fast metabolism "ectomorphic".. Currently very lean & look great, but started adding some carbs back in to gain 5lbs or so.. However, the carbs are crushing my digestive system..

Just wondering if I stay completely away from carbs (with exception to veggies) if I'm going to become even more insulin-resistant & my body will react more extreme with the smallest traces of sugar..