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Thread: How To Find A Doctor That Understands Primal Lifestyle

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    It's Maddening to go to my current doctor as they are on the the traditional food pyramid whole grain nutrition kick.

    I hate when they give me advise about exercise and eating (right). Does anyone know how to locate or find doctors that embrace our type of lifestyle? I havent had much luck

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    I have found one here in Brisbane, Australia, that is close to thinking the primal, but he still says to have some grains, but I told him i don't eat them cause they don't agree with me, now he doesn't say anything haha.

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    I found my current doctor on Jimmy Moore's low-carb doctor list:

    Make sure you look at the long list on the right-hand side of the page, as it's easy to miss. At first, I was just looking at the main part with the large photos, and then I was happy to see the list on the right, divided by states.

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    I did the unconventional...I TURNED my Doctor. I brought in the Primal Blueprint and let him read it. He was already convinced that the Canada food guide was a pile of crap so he was an easy sell.

    Good Doctors listen.

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