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Thread: How to prepare to walk 100 km in 24 hours?

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    I hope you had a fun time!

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    Sorry for my late answer, lots to do at the moment!

    I made it halfway through the hike, then I had to quit because of some problems with my feet. I felt really good after walking the whole night, and more than 50 kms seems possible even for me. But the pain in my left foot was something I couldn't ignore and was different from the pain from the small blisters and the tired muscles.

    For my personal walking I was fast. 12 hours for 50 kms, inkl. stops. But compared to the other participants I was terribly slow and couldn't find someone who walked with me at my pace. So I walked alone most of the time, and it was frustrating to stay behind.

    I want to try it again next year. I need to work on my speed and my ankle and foot strength to avoid the problems I had.

    I am a little disappointed that I didn't make it, but I started at zero 3 months ago and build up to be able to walk 50 kms, and I am proud of that!

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    according to me , Daily Go for walk in 5 km round .. avoid junk food , tobacco, alcohol , etc.,
    if u decided to walk in 100 km in 24 hours ... then just follow above rules ..
    regural excercise is best for our health ,,, good health is better health -- remember ..
    Be positive n relax with excercise .....

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