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Thread: I'm a new poster, but my wife isn't!

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    I'm a new poster, but my wife isn't!

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    Hello to one and all!

    Finally managed to get an account here so that I can join my wife in ruminating (terrible word, that...), sharing successes, and generally opining about whatever seems to be the meme of the moment.

    Been married to CattyB for nearly 20 years (anniversary is on March 14), and she's been regaling me with bits and pieces of conversations she's had. Some peak my interest, others not so much (don't tell her I said that! She knows where I sleep!).

    We began this Primal journey together in earnest last July, and so far I'm down 90# (from a start weight of 365#)! I haven't felt this good in YEARS, and don't intend to "quit the diet". Ever.

    So hello to all and sundry! I'll pop in from time to time. TO begin with, I'm heading over to the "Primal Nerds" thread, and see what trouble I can get into there!

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    Happy Anniversary a little early, because I never was good with remembering things!

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    Welcome. I think it is so awesome when husband and wife can learn new things together - keep the lust hormones flowing
    Using low lectin/nightshade free primal to control autoimmune arthritis. (And lost 50 lbs along the way )

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    Hi, sweetie! Glad you finally got here... and keep remembering that I DO know where you sleep.

    It's so great to have someone on this journey with me... especially when it's my best friend. I love laughing together at CW commercials and the contents of other people's shopping carts.
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