Finally decided to start a Primal Journal.

Hi, my name is WarlordBlade - of course that isn't my real name, but on the internet it might as well be since that's what I've gone by for over half my life now!

I'm also a (recovering) sugarholic.

All my life I've been healthy except for 3 things. Sugar, Soda, and Sleep. In High School for a while I literally lived on Root Beer and Twizzlers... maybe I should amend my earlier statement to "I've appeared to be healthy".

I've never been out of shape, but I've always been almost in really good shape, but never quite achieving what I want.

In 2009 Kakes (my beautiful wife who is also on these boards) and I did the full P90X program and had pretty good results but it still wasn't quite there:
My P90X before and after:

I started following MDA and a few IF blogs (Eat Stop Eat, Lean Saloon, Lean Gains) but other than a 14-16 hour fasts, I didn't make too many changes. Also started following Al Kavadlo's blog and others after that - and had started doing yoga at work. Due to a horrendous Arm wrestling incident (my monster brother in law popped my shoulder beating me) I haven't really used weights in years, so I loved the bodyweight workouts and benefits they brought me. When I do yoga I can use my shoulder almost normally! Also I love being able to accomplish the hard balance poses.

Fast forward to last fall - we knew things needed to change. So for Christmas we bought the Primal Blueprint 21 day total body transformation and started on the 2nd of January. Things have been pretty good so far!
More to come!