I have had rhinitis/sinusitis my whole life. Finally got allergy tested and it was determined I am allergic to cats. This was blamed for my chronic rhinitis. Funny thing is, when I'm around cats, I don't notice anything. I don't sneeze or get a runny nose. The only thing I notice is that if I pet one and then rub my eyes they get a little itchy.
Besides, I don't have a cat and am rarely around others' cats.
So when I asked my allergist why I continue to have rhinitis/sinusitis when I'm not around cats he just shrugged and said I must have "non-allergic rhinitis" which, to me, means he has no clue.
I had read a couple stories online about people resolving sinus problems after cutting wheat from their diet. My allergist won't test for food allergies because he believes if I was allergic to a food I would know it instantly, such as hives, rash, or anaphylactic shock. He doesn't believe in food "sensitivities" or "intolerance".
So my question is, have any of you found relief from chronic upper respiratory ailments by cutting grains?