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Thread: Rhinitis/sinusitis from grains?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adrianag View Post
    Yes, sinusitis disappeared when i dropped grains. Cheat and it returns.
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    I've stopped eating grains, legumes, dairy (apart from butter which I cook with), and even nuts and seeds to avoid mold, but my rhinitis hasn't gone completely. Improved greatly but not gone.

    If you don't like to use drugs, there are plenty of natural remedies to help with symptoms - I use coltsfoot leaf tea, it's not something you can drink frequently but it works wonders when the coughing gets bad sometimes.

    I suspect the final factor I need to remove is mycotoxins from mold in my house. So, I'm saving up for a hepa air filter. It's scary how many houses in the UK don't have proper ventilation/air conditioning and are overrun with mildew! Even if you can't see any mold anywhere, there may still be mycotoxins in the air.

    I think probiotic supplements might also help, although I haven't gotten round to buying some yet. Anyone have any success treating allergies with probiotics?

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    ^ +1 for me for reducing exposure to mycotoxins.

    Have you tried taking quercetin supplements or eating 1-2 small red onions daily? Quercetin is a very powerful anti-histamine and could help ease your symptoms. Some of mine are allergic, but more non-allergic.

    Probiotics can help too. Best to mount a multi-pronged attack!
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