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Thread: "Officially New" with questions

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    "Officially New" with questions

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    I'm Jen, a 31 year-old special education teacher and first time parent (to a very handsome 8 month-old . I have struggled my whole life with my weight. At the age of 10, after a very hurtful remark from one of my parents about my weight, I was determined to go from fat to fatter because "it didn't matter anyway". By the age of 14 I had fully accomplished this goal, weighting in at 225 lbs and wearing a woman's size 22/24. By the time I reached 15/16 I had shifted my desire to be fat and wanted to be thinner. Since I typically accomplish what I set my mind to, I lost 60 lbs (weighing in at 165) during the summer going into my senior year. I stayed around this weight for several years until a horrible break-up at 22. At that point I was determined to get "skinny" and I dropped an additional 30 lbs, leaving me at 135. I have fluctuated between 135-145 since then. I am now 158 after having my baby in June and I am really struggling to get the last (roughly) 20 lbs off. I have been loosely adhering to the Primal Diet, and now I am totally ready to commit. I have not touched a grain in MONTHS!!! I am also going to complete my first 1/2 marathon in May. With training in mind, I wanted to better understand carb consumption. I understand that under 100 carbs/day is optimal for weight loss. Is that net carbs, or total carbs?

    I look forward to meeting everyone and experiencing this journey with you!

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    My understanding is that it's total carbs. While it is recommended to keep carbs in the range 50gm to 100gms per day for weight loss, those more active would likely eat at the upper limit.

    You may want to check that while training for a half marathon whether you should increase your carb intake to account for the extra exercise???
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