OK, first off. I miss the people who were here when I first joined.

Second, to you new people, glad you found the Primal Blueprint.

To catch up, I started PB/Paleo a couple of yrs ago. On average, I might be 60%. Not good enough. In short, my life is a wreck, health-wise right now. I've put on any weight I may have lost. Have a head cold/URI.
I've only successfully completed 1 30 day challenge. That was last Feb. A yr ago. As in 2011. Think it's time to start a new one.

I need goals and accountability. I need to put my health first. Something that hasn't happened lately. So...3 goals.
Eat 100% paleo (adding butter)
30m minimum of slow movement every day.
Complete the beginner's Crossfit routine.

If I can complete those 3 things as scheduled, I should really start feeling better. Physically. That will lead to a better mental health. Which will lead to better decision making. A win win for me, my family, my friends & my job.

Pls swing by & comment. Pls leave advice, tips, thoughts or simple howdys.