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    Gym Rings

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    Hi all,

    Just purchased a set of adjustable gymnastic rings and wanted to say that they are a great bit of portable kit, I have been using them to do the basic program of "your are your own gym" and the instability of the rings adds to the exercises.

    I have them set up out the back door and they are easy to adjust to throw in a few chin ups on the way out or a quick 10min work outs of chin ups followed by supported hangs and dips and then done into upright rows, let me ins and down low for a plank type hold and flys.

    Other bonus is the kids luv them as well and they are out there hanging about and trying to do chin ups etc.

    Anyone else using rings? any one recommend a good book or site with basic work-outs I slowly building back up my strength with hangs and leg raises and would luv to work up to the iron cross...

    Cheers FBF
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    I've heard _overcoming gravity_ by Steven Low is the best book for upper body gymnastic type strength work. Haven't read it myself though

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    Rings are way to do dips as well much harder than on a bar.
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    I've a set of rings and they are loads of fun. A 100 page workout book was included with the rings so I mainly use that when looking for ideas.

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    love rings.. I do three times a week.

    check out

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    This thread got me looking into Ring Workouts. Looks like a great way to do bodyweight LHT. Does anyone do Ring Workouts? How is it for you?

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    I got a pair of these off Amazon recently - but I need to find a good place to use them - I had an incident on my door-pullup station, so I'm a bit wary of using them on that, even though I did just update that to a better Iron Gym!

    I have done muscle ups, ring pushups and dips and they are great - just need to find a way to do them more often!!
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    Haven't read it myself though

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    +1. I own and love "Building the Gymnastic Body". Well worth the purchase price.

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