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Thread: Seasonal Allergies

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    Well, last night I had a salami meatza made with plenty of whole milk mozzarella and parmesan cheese. This morning my sinuses are clearer than they've been in weeks--go figure. I've had seasonal allergies since I can remember (and Mom says I was practically born sneezing). Today, without the benefit of Zyrtec or Flonase, I will attempt to survive visiting a household with 2 medium-furred indoor cats (cat dander has been the other bane of my nasal existence).

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    It is approaching that time of year when I would usually get an injection of Kennelog (spelling? a powerful steroid) to fight through my spring and summer allergies. It's been a few years now since I've needed it. I have totally cleared my pet dander, grass, hayfever, pollen, mold, etc allergies through adopting the Paleo/Primal nutrition.

    It has been literally like flipping a switch to shut it all off. Zirtec, Flonase, Claratin, hell, I'd take nighttime Nyquil and a shot of whiskey to put myself OUT some evenings, allergies used to debilitate me for the summer months.

    I think the elimination of grains, seed/veggie/grain industrial oils and sugar were the key for me. Eliminating dairy has been a bonus of late (general nasal/mouth breathing issue from underdeveloped "skinny" face typical of SAD fed kids, alas, and at 41 yrs of age, that is not changing). Elimination diets, go 6 weeks or so, can tell you volumes. I've been finding the Paleo/Primal nutrition is more about the elimination of certain things, NOT the inclusion of foods with "magical" properties.

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    "I've been finding the Paleo/Primal nutrition is more about the elimination of certain things, NOT the inclusion of foods with 'magical' properties."

    Amen and seconded. That's made it a lot easier for me to quickly and easily recommend to people (if they're interested, of course).

    I had skin eczema for the first time a couple years ago, but since I cut out the crap it's been relegated to minor occasional flareups. Also my lifetime minor allergy symptoms to pollen and such are almost nonexistent, and I haven't gotten sick in going on five years except for minor headaches, which are much less often than before. (I admit the new monitor helps with that last part

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    Oy. eliminating dairy. I don't do so well with deprivation--of course, I truly suffer with fatigue and exhaustion around my allergies, so I guess it would be worth it to try. I have been lowcarb for years, so I don't think eliminating grains is the key here, cause I eliminated them years ago. I'm at least open to trying it for a few days

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    Ouis, Prairie Prof ---

    Good luck, but in my experience, if you give up dairy for the allergy season you should have the avoidance well in place several weeks before the pollen starts. It takes time to heal your leaky gut and get the remnants of dairy out of your system.

    No free lunch, alas.

    As for "deprivation" feelings, my way around them is to add in the yummiest stuff I can to take the place of the cheese (mmmmmmmmmmmmm, cchhhheeeeeeeeessssse!!), stuff like wild-caught extremely fresh salmon with toasted almonds and lemon, Prime Rib or Filet, very rare lamb, and putting shiitake mushrooms and other goodies in the omelet. Also, promising myself a really good cheese fest once the season winds down. And carrying through on it -- going to the coop, which has an incredible assortment of cheese from all over the world, and just helping myself to whatever types I feel like, even if I have to sort of squint and look between my fingers when I write the check. After giving way totally like this, I find that I don't suffer that nagging, gimme, gimme thing even with cheese.

    It's not like one has to give up cheese for a lifetime --- just during hay fever season, or till one's condition is good enough that some cheese won't trigger congestion anymore. I'm not there yet.

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