Hello all! Quick question in regards to which is worse for you aspartame or sugar!? I was raised by my parents saying if you are going to do it, do it all out. In other words if we wanted a pop (for a treat) it was just a coke, or root beer, never a "diet", in fact never diet anything or "low-fat".. So although I never touch products with aspartame I'm still curious as to why it is so bad exactly!? I am in nursing, (today we did diet plans, based on "canada's food guide" and we had to also say what we ate in the last 24hours) I'm doing full out strict Paleo now, and my teacher almost had a heart attack when she saw mine, shocked at how I got my 6 servings carbohydrates, and 3 servings of diary, etc.. How do I promote this "Canada's Food Guide" when I don't believe anything it says like never butter always margarine, use vegetable oils if your using oil.. etc. Any tips, OR nurses out there with tips would be awesome!!! Sorry this turned out to be super long, I'm new to this and loving it, so I want to know everything possible!! Thank you for any replies!