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Thread: I've arrived!!!!!

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    I've arrived!!!!!

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    I'm Kay from the UK.

    I found 'The Harcombe Diet' in the UK recently, and it is very similar to this, and that's how I found you - someone recommended PB to me.......having read all the info, I know it's for me!

    I have already lost 16lb on The Harcombe Diet, and have about 42lb more to lose! The harcombe Diet doesn't require any exercise, so I'm particularly interested in the fitness side of PB.........I bought a pull-up bar yesterday.....I can't even do 1........but i will!!


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    Hi Kay...nice to see more people from the UK appearing.

    My goal for 2012 is to be able to do a pull up - just the one will will do. A long way to go yet though!

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