When I posted yet another blurb on the "Share a Triumph" thread, I realized I'd been doing that a lot lately and that I should probably start a journal.
Here's my intro:
I'm 29, 5'8" and pretty athletic. I talk a lot. This could get wordy.

I grew up in a large family with a sister and a bunch of boys. My parents are health nuts. Sometimes I thought they were just plain nuts. Dad is a religion teacher, a chiropractor and a homeopathic doctor with a passion for health and helping others. Mom is a mom...incurably cheerful, with a passion for the arts and loving people- especially her kids. Together they raised 8 gorgeously athletic and dynamically talented people. It's no wonder I grew up passionate and excited about almost everything! I'm a voracious learner. My husband (WarlordBlade) and my 4 kids are AMAZING.
In high school I held women's weight lifting records in bench press and leg press. I grew up dancing, doing karate, and playing every sport I could get into. I got married at an athletically trim size 8 and 160-165 lbs. I spent the beginning of my marriage and 2 pregnancies rebelling against everything my parents taught me health-wise. Whole CAFO milk, sugar and white bread for me! I knew it wasn't what was best, and I had a lot of depression and hormone issues during that time and between pregnancies. So in 2005, with a 3 year old and a baby, I found myself weighing in at 206 and an hour-glassy size 16. My family is genetically gifted all the way down the line, so at family reunions (if and when we showed), I felt like a cow- a grain fed one.
I concentrated more on accepting and loving myself than doing anything about it, but I did rediscover my love for fitness- when I took off my shoes for good in 2006 and started running again. My old hip injuries that had plagued me for years practically disappeared. Going barefoot changed my life. I'm not sure when it clicked back in, but eventually I gravitated back to some healthier eating habits. Somewhere in there, WLB started developing some awful allergies- environmental and dietary. We had some harrowing family experiences. I watched my 16 year old cousin die at a family reunion (the first one I'd ever enjoyed up until that point), and found solace in The Anatomy of Peace and in gospel. I picked up yoga practice again. After a rough pregnancy with my 3rd little, I decided I was done having kids and told my body it was go time. WLB's mama introduced me to The Original Fast Foods book in 2008. We went almost v*gan for 2 years. We only had meat about once a week (usually chicken or fish), but we did eat a lot of whole, real food. WLB and I did P90X and got pretty ripped. We also started running more. I spent a lot of time in the kitchen and a lot of time working out. The OFF diet did nothing we had hoped for the hubs' allergies. Summer of 2009 I hit my lowest weight since adulthood- 153. I felt powerful. Then I found out I was pregnant. My pregnancies only got harder each time and I knew this. I sat on the bathroom floor with that positive pregnancy test and my 15 month old banging on the door, and just sobbed. After a few good weeks of being a crying, crippled mess, I decided I was going to make the best of it all. I tried to keep exercising, but my genetically loose joints and prior hip injuries roared with a vengeance. I roared back. I got every book on pregnancy and birth I could find. I hired a home birth midwife (the smartest woman I've ever met). I made powerful and proactive research and I learned. Oh, how I learned. In March of 2010, I had the best experience of my life, birthing my baby daughter in our home. I laughed through it. It was amazing.
Pulling my broken and worn body back together after that pregnancy was not amazing. The weight wouldn't shed, but I was content to accept my size 12, 174 lb self for a while. I was introduced to essential oils by a friend, devoured every bit of research I could find, and began teaching classes. Said friend and I published a cookbook together. I started running more, and did the Wasatch Back Ragnar Relay in 2011. My 12s were still tight. We toyed with the idea of going gluten free for the kids sake. WLB had been frequenting MDA for a while and I started reading as well. We laughed when we found we'd both considered buying the PB 21 Day Transformation book for Christmas for each other. We started the program on January 2nd. I tend to take people with me on my "self discovery" journeys. So by the time we started, my in-laws and WLB's brother and wife were on board as well. My sister-in-law has lost over 20 lbs to date and she looks incredible! I've lost 14 lbs, gone down to a loose size 9/10 pants, and discovered how useless the scale is. I can do pull ups and push ups and crazy yoga poses I never thought I'd be able to. My sexy beast of a husband has banished his tiny little spare tire and has a V shape that keeps us pretty busy in the after hours. His allergies are improving steadily. Our kids are awesome and have taken to Primal living beautifully. We are all a LOT nicer people without grain and sugar!
We get a lot of questions about PB and we are sharing generously with those who ask. It is brilliant to see the positive change in the lives of others! It's been a fantastic journey so far!!