Hi! My name is Jessica

I am fairly new to the forum and to PB. I have been primal since November 2011 and have lost about 10lbs since. I lost about 5 lbs from April to November on CW diet and exercise (clearly a big difference)

My stats:

Age: 34
Height: 5' 1"
Body fat: 24% (this is according to my handy dandy Tanita home scale)
Weight: 105.3 (also according to my handy dandy scale)

I should mention that back in April when I started dieting and excercising my body fat was reading at 28%, since going primal it has read anywhere between 19% and today's 24% which has been the highest that I have seen it in a while, the average has been at 22%.

I have plateaued (spelling?) since probably about mid January, which makes me a bit upset since I am not where I want to be yet. I have an obnoxious belly pooch and my arms, even though I have built a considerable amount of muscle there, still don't look shapely due to layer of fat covering my upper arms.

As far as my diet goes, I think I am pretty good aside from little indulgences: tortillas (I am mexican and its hard to give up my tacos!!) popcorn with loads of butter (I can't help it), beer or other alcohol. While I don't indulge on this on a daily basis I do drink on weekends, I have popcorn at least once a week and tacos once every other week. I think this may be what is holding me back so I will make an attempt to cut back in order to reach my goal.

-I live in south Florida, so have a smoking hot body in a bathing suit. (if I look good in a bikini, I should look good in everything else rigth?)

-I don't want to brag (I do actually ) but me and my hubby will be traveling to London in July to attend the summer Olympics, I expect we will be taking an embarrassing amount of pictures and I would like to look darn hot for posterity...at least this once

Oh I should also mention that DH is primal also, (since he has no choice but to eat what I cook) he has lost about 20lbs and he is loving it.

Here is my before pic, taken begining of January for the primal challenge. I will update soon.