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    I know that when I try to up my fat intake, I just get extremely lethargic and want to pass out. I'm having a hard time getting my ratios down and figuring out ideal intake of food in general. Can anyone help me out?

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    Fat takes a lot of energy to digest, and will slow the digestion of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates will raise your insulin levels like no nothing else (especially high glycemic index ones) When a person's insulin levels are high, they can not utilize stored fat for energy as readily. They can, however use carbohydrates that have just been ingested. This leads to the common misconception that without carbohydrates, we wouldn't have any energy. In a culture where everyone eats cereal, bread, pasta, sugar, etc like it's going out of style, everyone has elevated insulin levels and nobody can have energy without their carb blasts.

    my advice to you is to reduce carbs and increase fat even more, and maximize your nutrition, as many nutrients, namely b vitamins are needed for the metabolization of fat for energy, and all nutrients impact the functions of other ones in some way or another. After a week or two of this if it isn't working out, get a metabolic typing test (research metabolic typing). Some people, although not many, are just not cut out for low carb, high fat diets (as much as people around here deny it).

    But when you say that you "try to eat more fat" that tells me that you still are getting a significant portion of your calories from carbohydrates, and your insulin levels are too high. Play around with it a little bit. Try 30% carbs then 20% carbs, then maybe 10% carbs if those aren't good. Give each one a few days starting with 30% first and moving downward.


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    Quite the opposite in fact. I have huge amounts of energy that i never had before eating Primal.

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    but i can vaguely remember a time about 7-8 y ago when i changed to LCHF. and it took a few months for my body to swich over to using fats as fuel. so during that time i was tired. never after that.

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    Me neither!

    I sometimes have a couple of eggs, cheese and a whole cup of cream for breakfast, never get tired.

    Now, if I eat the same amount of calories using mainly carbs, I'll go back to bed

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    How long have you been eating primal? Could it be that you are just getting through the low carb transition blues? Wait a week or so for your body to re-learn how to properly run on fats. After that you should be fine.


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    Not at all. Only a plate load of carbs make me sleepy. A big steak and salad or veggies never do.

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    YES! Please STOP this paleo psuedoscience nosnense


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    Why no, eating fat doesn't make me tired. It's a good, stable source of energy and doesn't drive insulin.

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    Hmmm. Well...

    I wouldn't say my energy is shooting through the roof with lotsa fat, but I don't feel tired, either.

    I'm only 1 month into this.

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