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Thread: Milwaukee / WI Area "tribe"

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    milwaukee, WI

    Milwaukee / WI Area "tribe"

    anyone interested let me know ...

    I have a FB group (cant link from work but will later)

    we have 50+ members, most of which are in south eastern WI ..

    I am planning group activities for this spring/summer/fall like hikes, get togethers for play time and bbq at the lake, trips to devils lake as a group, weekly or biweekly get togethers, work out groups, even whole hog/cow purchasing and dividing out, etc ..

    we are just starting up .. and looking for more people ..

    if interested let me know here in this thread, and join the FB page later when I am able to link it..

    too dumb to know how to link it ..

    look up:

    Primal - Paleo LIFESTYLE

    thats what the group on facebook is called

    its about saving lives and making sure we are as healthy as we can be as a GROUP!
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    started at 310 July 23rd 2011 ... workin and workin!

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