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Thread: I have IBS, can I gain good weight on Primal?

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    I have IBS, can I gain good weight on Primal?

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    Hello all!

    Can I gain weight by eating primally?

    I have had IBS since I was 12 years old. It is intermittent and flares up when I eat whole grains like wheeties or raisin bran, or whole wheat bread. I also do not tolerate large amounts of sugar well. Fried things (probably fried in canola or veggie/peanut oil) are not good for my system either. Whole milk is not good either.
    I have always been underweight for my age and height.

    I have seen many success stories of people losing weight by living like grok, but do you think I can I gain weight and get up to a healthy weight by eating this way?

    Do you have suggestions for food I should add to gain weight compared to people who want to lose weight?
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    Sounds to me like your answer is in your description...perhaps your ibs is a result of gluten intolerance, which is often the primal, get off gluten, essentially cure your ibs and get healthy!

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    Yes. I have gained a fair amount of weight (mostly muscle) eating Primally and weight training. I had always had pretty poor digestion growing up and was always really skinny. Eating Primal definitely helped me get stronger, but so did weight training.

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