I am a 46 yr old female. 5'7" and 216.5 lbs ( 225 when I started eating primal 12 days ago) Goal weight - 135 lbs. Not sure what a realistic time frame would be so will just go for it and see what happens.

I have struggled for years now with sugar addiction, in fact since I was a little kid. I have had times where I did not eat any sugar for a few months and felt fantastic and then tried eating 'just one' and fell right off the wagon. We eat pretty healthily overall, no refined foods at all for years now, but have been eating 'healthy' grains like Ezekiel bread. I knew it didn't agree with me but due to convenience and stress I have been eating quite a bit. Of course I have a history of bingeing on chocolate and other junk food - usually sweets, but also chips. (which are really just salty sugar anyway) For many years I maintained a reasonable weight despite my abuse of junk food. But the years of sugar and then a few pregnancies and tons of stress, sleepless nights, night duty (7 twelve hour shifts on duty and then 7 off for years) and all the other myriad things that life throws our way has ended up with me being absolutely miserable in my own skin. I was always very active and 'sporty' but have ended up struggling to move faster than a brisk walk now because of my weight and horrid state of fitness.

I have an auto-immune problem with my skin and have just started a treatment on my left arm in the hopes that combining good food and lifestyle with the treatment will see my skin clear up, or at least look less angry. Of course right now it looks awful and feels awful too. I have felt that I am on the verge of type II diabetes if I keep on the way I have been. I have two young kids who don't know what it is like to have mommy run and play with them - I want and need some fun back in my life. I want to be able to play hacky sack again, ride another endurance race, get in a swimsuit without looking for a paper bag to put over my head so that no-one knows who that horrid body belongs to!!!

I have been doing ok so far these last 12 days. I have been reading as much as I can of all the wealth of information on this site. I have not read the books - can't afford it right now and the library is taking forever to get the one copy available in our whole district to me I am totally sugar free except for the occasional spoonful of raw honey in my tea as a treat.

Today my meals were:
Brunch - left over stew. Half a bell pepper. Cup of black tea with a little raw milk and some heavy cream, smidgen of stevia. Felt awful after the stew as I had done a treatment on my arm and I think the pain made my stomach rebel when the food arrived. Once the pain settled the indigestion disappeared...
Snack- half an apple (was off so had to throw some away) and a slice of organic cheddar. Another cup of black tea this time with honey and cream.
Snack- handful of raw almonds, raw cashews and a few raisins. Half an orange bell pepper as I prepared dinner - my stomach was hurting.(the bell peppers are on sale 10 for $10 - even the red, orange and yellow ones!)
Dinner - Steamed artichokes with garlic butter and 1 1/2 sausage (fried in bacon fat) with homemade sauerkraut ( awesome! Cabbage, onion, garlic, ginger and some tamari sauce femented on the counter for weeks -yum)

Will get DH to help me get a before pic...

Have been taking walks with the kids. Still need to get into the exercise routine - just printed off the primal fitness book and have been digesting that. Did do some squats today but busy-ness got in the way and so will try my first LHT workout tomorrow. Kind of eager to see how I do, I know I am really unfit and weak after almost a year of not moving much at all. Have some pretty nasty back and neck issues that I have been working on with my chiropracter and have recently gotten the 'go-ahead' to get moving again. I don't think anything in the LHT workout will be a problem and I am itching to get stronger and leaner and fitter again.

On a side note, I have been so thirsty the last few days. My mouth is constantly dry and my kids complain that my breath is not smelling good. Do you think this is my system transitioning into using fat rather than sugar? I am having trouble finding words at the moment - will start to say something and then have to stop and try and find the word I am needing. I am feeling more energetic overall, but a bit irritable too. Fortunately I don't have any junk in the cupboards so when I start cruising for a snack I can only find healthy ones I am having a hard time getting to sleep so have been taking melatonin at bedtime and last night I slept pretty well. I have also found that I am getting cold a lot easier, I am always hot and my DH jokes that I could provide heat for the family on cold nights. But the last few nights I have had to pull an extra blanket on and my feet are cold - unheard of! Last night I also had some half hearted cramps in my legs and hip that I had to keep shifting position to ease...

On a postive note, my clothes are already feeling just that little bit more comfortable and I can't wait for them to just fall off me! I have a long way to go but I am also delighted to be on the journey at last!